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Lizards (Sauria)


Knob-scaled Lizards

Biodiversity of the family Xenosauridae Bibliography of the family Xenosauridae

Knob-scaled Lizards
Höckerechsen     Mexicanske Spalteøgler*

  13 species of which 12 (92.3%) are endemic - 1 genus which is not endemic (as of December 31st, 2018).

Remarks: In describing Shinisaurus crocodilurus, Ahl established the new family Shinisauridae. Subsequently, McDowell & Bogert (1954) placed it together with Xenosaurus in the New World family Xenosauridae, an arrangement which was followed by many authors (e.g., Wermuth 1969). Hu, Jiang & Zhao (1984) revalidated Shinisauridae, and Böhme's (1988) results supported this by demonstrating that the two genera are not related to each other.

Distribution:  As for the single genus of the family, Xenosaurus.