Contents of the Biodiversity section
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The Biodiversity section contains various statistics on reptiles of which many have not been compiled so comprehensively anywhere else in the literature. Many of the statistics are illustrated with diagrams. The section is currently in its early stages with much more to be expected in the future. Among many others, the statistics include or will include such lists as:
  • total number of families, genera, species, and endemic species of reptiles in the World (available now)

  • countries/regions with most species, genera and families (available now)

  • countries/regions with most endemic species, genera and families, and highest levels of endemism (available now)

  • species, genera and families which occur in most countries/regions (available now)

Future editions of RepFocus will include similar statistics for individual families and selected genera.

Please observe the generating date of each page:
  • The Taxonomy and Geography sections are updated for every new edition of the RepFocus e-book.

  • The Biodiversity section is updated less frequently, since many statistics do not need updating, due to the lack of changes.

  • Even if changes have occurred, minor inconsistencies between the Taxonomy and Geography sections on one hand and the Biodiversity section on the other hand must be expected, because the process of generating statistics and diagrams is very time-consuming and may not have been updated in all cases. However, each page contains a note saying as of which publication date information was included to generate the statistic or diagram.