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Comparison between the online and the e-book editions of RepFocus
Complete versions of pages, as they appear in the e-book edition of RepFocus, are accessible here: Sample pages

Online edition*
E-book edition
(1st edition, 2019)
Taxonomic checklists As in the e-book
+ updatings
1318 checklists
Regional checklists Not included - except for some sample pages 1076 checklists
Literature Most pages included
(not updated continuously, but see Recent updates above)
109,979 literature references, accessible alphabetically, or through 1318 taxonomical and 766 regional bibliographies
(higher categories)
As in the e-book Included, but this section is in the early stages of development - more in preparation for future editions.
(genera, species)
As in the e-book Only few are included - more in preparation for future editions.
(families, orders, class)
As in the e-book
+ updated and improved maps
94 maps (all categories)
As in the e-book
+ new, updated and improved maps
595 maps (49% of all genera, remaining genera represented by provisional outline maps (yellow maps)
As in the e-book
+ new, updated and improved maps
2709 maps (24% of all species)

*The contents of the online edition is subject to change