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Taxonomy of the family Chelidae
Bibliography of the genus Elseya
Biodiversity of the family Chelidae


Sahul Snapping Turtles



1867 Elseya Gray (type species: Chelymys dentata Gray 1863)

Contents: 11 species, of which 10 (90.9%) are endemic.
Endemism: 0% 100%
Remarks: McDowell (1983) regarded Elseya as a synonym of Emydura. Previously included the species now placed in Myuchelys.
Distribution: Australia, E. Malay Archipelago.
Reported from: Australia (Northern Territory, Queensland, Western Australia), Indonesia (Aru Islands, Misool, Waigeo, Western New Guinea), Papua New Guinea (Eastern New Guinea).

Elseya albagula

White-throated Snapping Turtle, Southern Snapping Turtle


Hvidstrubet Snapskildpadde

2006 Elseya albagula Thomson, Georges & Limpus

Distribution: Australia (Queensland).

Elseya branderhorsti

White-bellied Snapping Turtle, Southern New Guinea Snapping Turtle, Green Sharp-snouted Turtle, (Branderhorst's Snapping Turtle)


Hvidbuget Snapskildpadde

1914 Emydura branderhorsti Ouwens
Elseya branderhorsti Bour, Buskirk & Pritchard in David 1994

Distribution: Indonesia (Western New Guinea), Papua New Guinea (Eastern New Guinea).

Elseya caelatus

Salawati Snapping Turtle

Salawati Schnappschildkröte

Salawati Snapskildpadde

2019 Elseya caelatus Joseph-Ouni & McCord
2019 Elseya caelatus ayamaru Joseph-Ouni & McCord

Distribution: Indonesia (Salawati, Western New Guinea).

Elseya dentata

Northern Australian Snapping Turtle

Nordaustralische Schnappschildkröte

Nordaustralsk Snapskildpadde

1863 Chelymys dentata Gray
Podocnemis ? dentata Strauch 1865
Elseya dentata Gray 1867
1872 Elseya intermedia Gray (Fritz & Havas 2006)
2002 Elseya jukesi Wells (Kaiser, Crother, Kelly, Luiselli, O'Shea, Ota, Passos, Schleip & Wüster 2013)

Distribution: Australia (Northern Territory, Western Australia).

Elseya flaviventralis

Yellow-bellied Snapping Turtle


Gulbuget Snapskildpadde

2016 Elseya flaviventralis Thomson & Georges

Distribution: Australia (Northern Territory).

Elseya irwini

Yellow-headed Snapping Turtle, (Irwin's Snapping Turtle)


Gulhovedet Snapskildpadde

1997 Elseya irwini Cann
Elseya dentata irwini Artner 2008

Distribution: Australia (Queensland).

Elseya lavarackorum

Gulf Snapping Turtle, Riversleigh Snapping Turtle



1994 Emydura lavarackorum White & Archer
Elseya lavarackorum Thomson, White & Georges 1997
Elseya dentata lavarackorum Artner 2008

Remarks: Originally described from Pleistocene fossils, then rediscovered as a living species (Thomson, White & Georges 1997).
Distribution: Australia (Northern Territory, Queensland).

Elseya novaeguineae

Doberai Snapping Turtle, Yellow-striped Turtle, New Guinea Spotted Turtle



1874 Platemys novae-guineae Meyer
Emydura novaeguineae Boulenger 1888
Elseya novaeguineae Goode 1967
Elseya latisternum novaeguineae Blackmore 1969
Elseya dentata novaeguineae Obst 1985
Myuchelys novaeguineae Thomson & Georges 2009

Remarks: Now restricted to the Doberai Peninsula and some nearby islands, Indonesia. Previously included schultzei and the populations now assigned to rhodini (Thomson, Amepou, Anamiato & Georges 2015). Formerly regarded as a synonym of dentata (e.g., McDowell 1983).
Distribution: Indonesia (Misool, Waigeo, Western New Guinea).

Elseya orestiad

Orestiad Snapping Turtle



2019 Elseya orestiad Joseph-Ouni & McCord

Distribution: Indonesia (Western New Guinea).

Elseya rhodini

Southern Papuan Snapping Turtle, Southern New Guinea Stream Turtle

Südpapuanische Schnappschildkröte

Sydpapuansk Snapskildpadde

2015 Elseya rhodini Thomson, Amepou, Anamiato & Georges

Remarks: Previously regarded as the southern Papuan population of novaeguineae.
Distribution: Indonesia (Aru Islands, Western New Guinea), Papua New Guinea (Eastern New Guinea).

Elseya schultzei

Northern Papuan Snapping Turtle, Northern New Guinea Stream Turtle

Nordpapuanische Schnappschildkröte

Nordpapuansk Snapskildpadde

1911 Emydura schultzei Vogt
Elseya schultzei Rhodin & Genorupa 2000
Elseya novaeguineae schultzei Artner 2008

Remarks: Previously regarded as a synonym of novaeguineae (e.g., Georges & Thomson 2010). Revalidated by Thomson, Amepou, Anamiato & Georges (2015).
Distribution: Indonesia (Western New Guinea), Papua New Guinea (Eastern New Guinea).