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Taxonomy of the family Scincidae
Bibliography of the genus Cyclodomorphus
Biodiversity of the family Scincidae


Slender Blue-tongued Skinks & Pink-tongued Skink

Australische Walzenskinke* & Schneckenskink

Australske Valseskinker*

1843 Cyclodomorphus Fitzinger (type species: Cyclodus casuarinae Dumeril & Bibron 1839)
1845 Omolepida Gray (type species: Cyclodus casuarinae Dumeril & Bibron 1839; syn. Shea 1990)
Omolepidota Frost & Lucas 1894 [lapsus for Omolepida] (Shea 1990)
1863 Homolepida Lütken [lapsus for Omolepida]
1867 Hemisphaeriodon Peters (type species: Hinulia gerrardii Gray 1845) (Shea 1990, 2000)
2007 Zeusius Wells (type species: Omolepida maxima Storr 1976)
Contents: 9 species, all of which are endemic.
Remarks: Previously included in the genus Tiliqua (e.g., Cogger, Cameron & Cogger 1983). Some authors have placed gerrardii in a separate genus, Hemisphaeriodon (e.g., Cogger 1992; Wells & Wellington 1985; Wells 2007).
Distribution: Australia (New South Wales, Northern Territory, Queensland [incl. Fraser Island], South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, Western Australia).

Cyclodomorphus branchialis

Western Gill-necked Skink, Common Slender Blue-tongued Skink, Gilled Slender Blue-tongued Skink, (Gunther's Skink)

Westaustralischer Walzenskink*

Vestaustralsk Valseskink*

1867 Hinulia branchialis Günther
Tiliqua branchiale Smith 1937
Omolepida branchialis Storr 1976
Cyclodomorphus branchialis Wells & Wellington 1984
Zeusius branchialis Wells 2007

Remarks: Previously included melanops. Now restricted to Western Australia (Shea & Miller 1995; Wilson & Swan 2010; Cogger 2014).
Distribution: Australia (Western Australia).

Cyclodomorphus casuarinae

Tasmanian She-oak Skink, She-oak Skink, Oak Skink

Tasmanischer Walzenskink*

Tasmansk Valseskink*

1839 Cyclodus casuarinae Dumeril & Bibron
Omolepida casuarinae Loveridge 1934
Tiliqua casuarinae Smith 1937
Cyclodomorphus casuarinae Wells & Wellington 1985
1875 Cyclodus nigricans Peters (Shea 1995)
1894 Hemisphaeriodon tasmanicum Lucas & Frost (Shea 1995)

Distribution: Australia (Tasmania).

Cyclodomorphus celatus

Southwestern Slender Blue-tongued Skink, Western Slender Blue-tongued Skink

Südwestaustralischer Walzenskink*

Sydvestaustralsk Valseskink*

1995 Cyclodomorphus celatus Shea & Miller
Zeusius celatus Wells 2007

Distribution: Australia (Western Australia).

Cyclodomorphus gerrardii

Pink-tongued Skink



1845 Hinulia gerrardii Gray
Hemisphaeriodon gerrardii Peters 1867
Tiliqua gerrardii Mitchell 1950
Cyclodomorphus gerrardi Shea 1990
1885 Hinulia picta Macleay (Cogger, Cameron & Cogger 1983, Shea 2000)
Hemisphaeriodon picta Wells & Wellington 1984
1888 Tiliqua longicauda De Vis (Cogger, Cameron & Cogger 1983; Shea 2000)

Distribution: Australia (New South Wales, Queensland [incl. Fraser Island]).

Cyclodomorphus maximus

Kimberley Slender Blue-tongued Skink, Giant Slender Blue-tongued Skink



1976 Omolepida maxima Storr
Tiliqua maxima Cogger, Cameron & Cogger 1983
Cyclodomorphus maximus Wells & Wellington 1985
Zeusius maximus Wells 2007

Distribution: Australia (Western Australia).

Cyclodomorphus melanops

Spinifex Slender Blue-tongued Skink, (Pygmy Blue-tongued Skink)



1893 Lygosoma melanops Stirling & Zeitz
Omolepida melanops Loveridge 1934
Tiliqua melanops Glauert 1960
Cyclodomorphus melanops Wells & Wellington 1984
Zeusius melanops Wells 2007
1878 Lygosoma muelleri Peters [not Scincus muelleri Schlegel 1839] (Shea & Miller 1995)
1898 Lygosoma gastrostigma Boulenger (Shea & Miller 1995)
Cyclodomorphus gastrostigma Wells & Wellington 1984
Zeusius melanops gastrostigma Wells 2007
1910 Lygosoma branchiale elongatum Werner (Shea & Miller 1995)
Zeusius melanops elongatus Wells 2007
1919 Lygosoma petersi Sternfeld [substitute name for Lygosoma muelleri Peters 1878] (Shea & Miller 1995)
Zeusius melanops petersi Wells 2007
1923 Lygosoma woodjonesii Proctor (Shea & Miller 1995)
Cyclodomorphus woodjonesii Wells & Wellington 1984
Zeusius melanops woodjonesii Wells 2007
1995 Cyclodomorphus melanops siticulosus Shea & Miller
Zeusius siticulosus Wells 2007
2007 Zeusius melanops gillami Wells (Kaiser, Crother, Kelly, Luiselli, O'Shea, Ota, Passos, Schleip & Wüster 2013)
2007 Zeusius melanops swani Wells (Kaiser, Crother, Kelly, Luiselli, O'Shea, Ota, Passos, Schleip & Wüster 2013)

Other common names:
elongatus: Southern Spinifex Slender Blue-tongued Skink, Eastern Slender Blue-tongued Skink
melanops: Northern Spinifex Slender Blue-tongued Skink
siticulosus: Nullarbor Slender Blue-tongued Skink
Remarks: Previously regarded as a synonym of branchialis (e.g., Cogger, Cameron & Cogger 1983). Revalidated by Wells & Wellington (1984), followed by others (e.g., Shea & Miller 1995; Wilson & Swan 2003, 2010; Cogger 2014).
Distribution: Australia (New South Wales, Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia).

Cyclodomorphus michaeli

Eastern She-oak Skink, Northern She-oak Skink, Mainland She-oak Skink

Ostaustralischer Walzenskink*

Østaustralsk Valseskink*

1984 Cyclodomorphus michaeli Wells & Wellington

Distribution: Australia (New South Wales, Victoria).

Cyclodomorphus praealtus

Alpine She-oak Skink

Australischer Gebirgs-Walzenskink*

Australsk Bjergvalseskink*

1995 Cyclodomorphus praealtus Shea

Remarks: This species was first published under the name Cyclodomorphus praealtus by Osborne (1994), however this authorship was suppressed by the International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature (1997: Opinion 1884).
Distribution: Australia (New South Wales, Victoria).

Cyclodomorphus venustus

Saltbush Slender Blue-tongued Skink, Eastern Gill-necked Skink, Samphire Slender Blue-tongued Skink



1995 Cyclodomorphus venustus Shea & Miller
Zeusius venustus Wells 2007
2007 Zeusius sternfeldi Wells (Kaiser 2014)

Distribution: Australia (New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia).