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RepFocus, 1st edition, 2019.
Cover image: Big-eyed Green Whip Snake (Ahaetulla mycterizans), Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, Singapore.
2010 Rune Midtgaard

The RepFocus project (e-book + website) is a private enterprise. It is the work of a single man. It receives no financial support or sponsorships whatsoever. It will be updated and expanded as long as I am able and can find the time to do so, hopefully for many years to come. As long as I am here to pay the fee for the internet domain, the website edition will continue to be accessible, but once I am gone, it may cease to exist. So, if you appreciate RepFocus and visit the website regularly, I would be grateful if you would purchase a copy of the e-book edition. There are several good reasons for this:
  • You will secure yourself a lasting, digital copy of the latest edition of RepFocus and the wealth of information it contains - then at least you will have your own copy, in case the website vanishes!

  • You will gain access to all information included in RepFocus. To read more about which parts of RepFocus that are open access and which parts that are restricted to the e-book edition ---> click here.

  • You will support my continuous effort to update, revise, and expand the website. The more support, the more time I can spend writing, and the sooner the work will be done!

  • You might also think of a purchase as an acknowledgement of the 27 years of work (of fluctuating intensity!) I spent organizing the valuable source of information that RepFocus is. Any monetary contribution, such as the purchase of a copy of the e-book edition, will also be received with gratitude as a moral support for the continuation of the project.
Recurring customers will be offered discounts when purchasing future editions of RepFocus! More information about this later.

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Rune Midtgaard

author and editor of RepFocus