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Latest update: December 31st, 2022.

Taxonomy of the family Leiosauridae
Bibliography of the genus Diplolaemus
Biodiversity of the family Leiosauridae


Patagonian Iguanas, Patagonian Lizards

Patagonische Leguane

Patagoniske Leguaner

1843 Diplolaemus Bell (type species: Diplolaemus darwinii Bell 1843)
Contents: 4 species, of which 1 (25.0%) is endemic.
Endemism: 0% 100%
Remarks: Previously regarded as a synonym of Leiosaurus. Revalidated as a separate genus by Donoso-Barros (1966).
Distribution: Argentina, Chile.

Diplolaemus bibronii

Smooth-headed Patagonian Lizard, (Bibron's Lizard)

Patagonischer Glattkopfleguan

Patagonisk Glathovedleguan

1843 Diplolaemus bibronii Bell
Leiosaurus bibroni Burt & Burt 1931

Distribution: Argentina, Chile.

Diplolaemus darwinii

Southern Patagonian Lizard, (Darwin's Lizard)

Südpatagonischer Leguan

Sydpatagonisk Leguan

1843 Diplolaemus darwinii Bell
Liosaurus darwinii Koslowsky 1898
Leiosaurus darwini Burt & Burt 1931

Distribution: Argentina, Chile.

Diplolaemus leopardinus

Patagonian Leopard Lizard

Patagonischer Leopardleguan

Patagonisk Leopardleguan

1898 Liosaurus leopardinus Werner
Leiosaurus leopardinus Hellmich 1934
Diplolaemus leopardinus Donoso-Barros 1966

Remarks: Now restricted to Argentina. Records from Chile refer to sexcinctus (Victoriano, Coronado & Ortiz 2010).
Distribution: Argentina.

Diplolaemus sexcinctus

Six-banded Patagonian Lizard

Sechsbändiger Leguan

Seksbåndet Patagonisk Leguan

2003 Diplolaemus sexcinctus Cei, Scolaro & Videla

Distribution: Argentina, Chile.