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Taxonomy of the family Leiosauridae
Bibliography of the genus Diplolaemus
Biodiversity of the family Leiosauridae


Patagonian Iguanas*, Patagonian Lizards

Patagonische Leguane*

Patagoniske Leguaner

1843 Diplolaemus Bell (type species: Diplolaemus darwinii Bell 1843)
Contents: 4 species, of which 1 (25.0%) is endemic.
Remarks: Previously regarded as a synonym of Leiosaurus. Revalidated as a separate genus by Donoso-Barros (1966).
Distribution: Argentina, Chile.

Diplolaemus bibronii

Smooth-headed Patagonian Lizard, (Bibron's Lizard)

Patagonischer Glattkopfleguan*

Patagonisk Glathovedleguan*

1843 Diplolaemus bibronii Bell
Leiosaurus bibroni Burt & Burt 1931

Distribution: Argentina, Chile.

Diplolaemus darwinii

Southern Patagonian Lizard, (Darwin's Lizard)

Südpatagonischer Leguan*

Sydpatagonisk Leguan*

1843 Diplolaemus darwinii Bell
Liosaurus darwinii Koslowsky 1898
Leiosaurus darwini Burt & Burt 1931

Distribution: Argentina, Chile.

Diplolaemus leopardinus

Patagonian Leopard Lizard

Patagonischer Leopardleguan*

Patagonisk Leopardleguan*

1898 Liosaurus leopardinus Werner
Leiosaurus leopardinus Hellmich 1934
Diplolaemus leopardinus Donoso-Barros 1966

Remarks: Now restricted to Argentina. Records from Chile refer to sexcinctus (Victoriano, Coronado & Ortiz 2010).
Distribution: Argentina.

Diplolaemus sexcinctus

Six-banded Patagonian Lizard

Sechsbändiger Leguan*

Seksbåndet Patagonisk Leguan*

2003 Diplolaemus sexcinctus Cei, Scolaro & Videla

Distribution: Argentina, Chile.