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Taxonomy of the family Hoplocercidae
Bibliography of the genus Morunasaurus
Biodiversity of the family Hoplocercidae


Manticores, (Spiny-tailed Iguanas)



1933 Morunasaurus Dunn (type species: Morunasaurus groi Dunn 1933)
Contents: 3 species, of which 1 (33.3%) is endemic.
Endemism: 0% 100%
Distribution: Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Peru.

Morunasaurus annularis

Ringed Manticore


Båndet Manticore

1881 Hoplocercus annularis O'Shaughnessy
Morunasaurus annularis Dunn 1933

Remarks: Records from Peru (e.g., Vanzolini 1986; Henle & Ehrl 1991) refer to peruvianus (Köhler 2003).
Distribution: Colombia, Ecuador.

Morunasaurus groi

Northern Manticore, (Gro's Manticore)

Nördliche Mantikor

Nordlig Manticore

1933 Morunasaurus groi Dunn

Distribution: Colombia, Panama.

Morunasaurus peruvianus

Peruvian Manticore, Cenepa Manticore

Peruvianische Mantikor

Peruviansk Manticore

2003 Morunasaurus peruvianus Köhler

Distribution: Peru.