New common names* (further comments)
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English common names have been suggested to all species, which did not already have one, or where none were found during the research.

These suggested names are usually coined to describe the species' appearance or its distribution (e.g., White-collared Blackhead, Southwest Iberian Worm Lizard). If convenient, a translation of the scientific name may have been used.

Often the type locality or its region is used as inspiration (e.g., Argélia Spindle Snake, Chantaburi Blind Skink).

In some species groups, where almost no common names have been available, e.g. the South American genus Liolaemus (Smooth-throated Lizards), type localities have been used almost by default to create the common names, resulting in a disproportionately large amount of "type-locality-common-names", which are often inconveniently long names. In time, some of these might be changed into something which characterizes the species better.