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Taxonomy of the family Gekkonidae
Bibliography of the genus Perochirus
Biodiversity of the family Gekkonidae


Saw-tailed Geckos



1885 Perochirus Boulenger (type species: Hemidactylus ateles Dumeril 1856)
Contents: 3 species, of which 2 (66.7%) are endemic.
Endemism: 0% 100%
Distribution: W. Pacific Ocean.
Reported from: Japan (Minami Torishima, Volcano Islands), Marshall Islands (incl. Arno Atoll), Micronesia (Pohnpei [incl. Ant Atoll, Kapingamarangi Atoll], Yap State [incl. Ulithi Atoll]), Northern Mariana Islands, Palau, Vanuatu.

Perochirus ateles

Micronesian Saw-tailed Gecko, Micronesian Speckle-bellied Gecko, (Micronesian Gecko)

Mikronesischer Sägeschwanzgecko

Mikronesisk Savhalegekko

1856 Hemidactylus ateles Dumeril
Perochirus ateles Boulenger 1885
1882 Hemidactylus ateles var. articulatus Fischer (Bauer 1994)
Hemidactylus articulatus Boulenger 1885
1882 Hemidactylus ateles var. depressus Fischer [not Hemidactylus depressus Gray 1842] (Bauer 1994)
Hemidactylus depressus Boulenger 1885
1965 Perochirus klugei Wermuth [substitute name for Hemidactylus ateles var. depressus Fischer 1882] (Bauer 1994)

Remarks: Recorded from Palau by Bauer (1994) with a question mark, but there is no evidence that the species occurs in Palau, although an undetermined species of this genus (possibly scutellatus) was recently found in the islands (Crombie & Pregill 1999). The type locality is Mindanao (Philippines), but assumed to be in error (Brown 1976). Apparently extinct in Guam (Bauer 1994).
Extinct in: Guam.
Introduced to: Guam.
Distribution: Japan (Minami Torishima, Volcano Islands), Marshall Islands (incl. Arno Atoll), Micronesia (incl. Pohnpei [incl. Ant Atoll]), Northern Mariana Islands.

Perochirus guentheri

Vanuatu Saw-tailed Gecko



1885 Perochirus guentheri Boulenger

Remarks: Possibly extinct. Known from only four specimens of which three are from Erromango, the last one from Aneityum, where it was collected in 1937 and has not been recorded since, in spite of searches. Presence in Aneityum is therefore regarded as uncertain (Hamilton, Allison & Tallowin 2013).
Distribution: Vanuatu (Aneityum, Erromango).

Perochirus scutellatus

Giant Saw-tailed Gecko, Giant Micronesian Gecko, Atoll Giant Gecko, Shielded Tropical Gecko

Großer Sägeschwanzgecko

Stor Savhalegekko

1882 Hemidactylus ateles var. scutellatus Fischer
Perochirus scutellatus Boulenger 1885

Remarks: Known with certainty only from Kapingamarangi Atoll, Pohnpei State (Hamilton, Allison & Tallowin 2013; Buden & Taborosi 2016), but geckos of an undetermined species of this genus have been reported from Palau (Crombie & Pregill 1999; Zug 2013) and from other Micronesian islands, including Ulithi Atoll, Yap State (Wiles 2004), which may represent scutellatus (Buden & Taborosi 2016).
Distribution: Micronesia (Kapingamarangi Atoll).