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Taxonomy of the family Scincidae
Bibliography of the genus Hemiergis
Biodiversity of the family Scincidae


Earless Mulch Skinks


Øreløse Muldskinker

1829 Tridactylus Cuvier [not Tridactylus Latreille 1802] (type species: Tridactylus decresiensis Cuvier 1829; syn. Mittleman 1952)
1829 Tetradactylus Cuvier [not Tetradactylus Merrem 1820 (Reptilia: Cordylidae)] (type species: Tridactylus decresiensis Cuvier 1829; syn. Mittleman 1952)
1830 Hemiergis Wagler [substitute name for Tridactylus Cuvier 1829]
1830 Peromelis Wagler [substitute name for Tetradactylus Cuvier 1829] (Smith 1937)
1839 Chelomeles Dumeril & Bibron (type species: Chelomeles quadrilineatus Dumeril & Bibron 1839; syn. Mittleman 1952)
1985 Arenicolascincus Wells & Wellington (type species: Hemiergis millewae Coventry 1976; syn. Cogger 1996)
Contents: 7 species, all of which are endemic.
Endemism: 0% 100%
Remarks: Previously included Eroticoscincus graciloides and Nannoscincus maccoyi.
Distribution: Australia (Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia [incl. Kangaroo Island], Victoria, Western Australia).

Hemiergis decresiensis

Three-toed Mulch Skink, Three-toed Earless Skink, Three-toed Skink

Dreizehiger Wühlskink

Tretået Muldskink

1829 Tridactylus decresiensis Cuvier
Lygosoma decresiense Boulenger 1887
Hemiergis decresiensis Copland 1946
1867 Hemiergis polylepis Günther (Cogger, Cameron & Cogger 1983)
1946 Hemiergis decresiensis continentis Copland (Reeder & Reichert 2011)
Hemiergis continentis Wells & Wellington 1984

Remarks: Previously included talbingoensis.
Distribution: Australia (South Australia [incl. Kangaroo Island]).

Hemiergis gracilipes

Southwestern Mulch Skink

Südwestaustralischer Wühlskink

Sydvestaustralsk Muldskink

1870 Hinulia gracilipes Steindachner
Sphenomorphus gracilipes Cogger 1975
Glaphyromorphus gracilipes Cogger 1992
Hemiergis gracilipes Bush, Maryan, Browne-Cooper & Robinson 2007
Patheticoscincus gracilipes Wells 2009
1839 Lygosoma australis Gray [not Tiliqua australis Gray 1839] (Cogger, Cameron & Cogger 1983)
Sphenomorphus australis Storr, Smith & Johnstone 1981

Remarks: Transferred from the genus Glaphyromorphus by Bush, Maryan, Browne-Cooper & Robinson (2007). Generic assignment confirmed by Mecke, Doughty & Donnellan (2009) and Reeder & Reichert (2011).
Distribution: Australia (Western Australia).

Hemiergis initialis

Five-toed Mulch Skink, Southern Five-toed Earless Skink, Southwestern Earless Skink, Western Earless Skink

Fünfzehiger Wühlskink

Femtået Muldskink

1910 Lygosoma initiale Werner
Anotis initialis Mittleman 1952
Hemiergis initialis Cogger 1975
1975 Hemiergis initialis brookeri Storr
Hemiergis brookeri Wells & Wellington 1984

Other common names:
brookeri: Nullarbor Five-toed Mulch Skink
initialis: Southern Five-toed Mulch Skink
Distribution: Australia (South Australia, Western Australia).

Hemiergis millewae

Hummock Grass Five-toed Mulch Skink, Triodia Earless Skink, Rusty Earless Skink, Millewa Skink



1976 Hemiergis millewae Coventry
Arenicolascincus millewae Wells & Wellington 1985
1985 Arenicolascincus lami Wells & Wellington (tentative synonymy)

Distribution: Australia (New South Wales, South Australia, Victoria, Western Australia).

Hemiergis peronii

Lowlands Mulch Skink, Lowlands Earless Skink, (Peron’s Earless Skink)



1831 Seps peronii Gray
Lygosoma peronii Smith 1937
Hemiergis peronii Mittleman 1952
1829 Tetradactylus decresiensis Cuvier (Cogger, Cameron & Cogger 1983)
1839 Chiamela duvaucellii Gray (Cogger, Cameron & Cogger 1983)
1902 Hemiergis woodwardi Lucas (Cogger, Cameron & Cogger 1983)
1910 Lygosoma quadridigitatum Werner (Cogger, Cameron & Cogger 1983)
1915 Lygosoma peronii tridactylum Boulenger (Cogger, Cameron & Cogger 1983)

Other common names:
peronii: Four-toed Mulch Skink, Four-toed Skink
tridactyla: Three-toed Mulch Skink
Distribution: Australia (South Australia [incl. Kangaroo Island], Victoria, Western Australia).

Hemiergis quadrilineatus

Two-toed Mulch Skink, Two-toed Earless Skink

Zweizehiger Wühlskink

Totået Muldskink

1839 Chelomeles quadrilineatus Dumeril & Bibron
Lygosoma quadrilineatum Boulenger 1887
Hemiergis quadrilineata Mittleman 1952

Remarks: Recognised as a distinct species following Choquenot & Greer (1989), Storr, Smith & Johnstone (1999), and Aplin & Smith (2001).
Distribution: Australia (Western Australia).

Hemiergis talbingoensis

Talbingo Mulch Skink, Victoria Three-toed Earless Skink, Eastern Three-toed Earless Skink



1946 Hemiergis decresiensis talbingoensis Copland
Hemiergis talbingoensis Wells & Wellington 1984
1946 Hemiergis decresiensis davisi Copland (Reeder & Reichert 2011)
Hemiergis davisi Wells & Wellington 1984
1985 Hemiergis namatjira Wells & Wellington (tentative synonymy)

Remarks: Raised to species status by Reeder & Reichert (2011), although treated as such already by Wells & Wellington (1984).
Distribution: Australia (Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria).