IUCN Red List assessments
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IUCN Red Lists of Snakes (Serpentes)
Taxonomy and distribution of the family Leptotyphlopidae
Bibliography of the family Leptotyphlopidae


Thread Snakes

IUCN Red List assessments:
Extinct (in recent times): 0 species
Extinct in the Wild: 0 species= 0.0 %
Critically Endangered: 4 species= 2.7 %
Endangered: 2 species= 1.4 %
Vulnerable: 3 species= 2.1 %
Near Threatened: 2 species= 1.4 %
Least Concern: 69 species= 47.3 %
Data Deficient: 35 species= 24.0 %
Not Assessed: 31 species= 21.2 %


Epacrophis (Thorn-tailed Thread Snakes)
Epictia (Neotropical Thread Snakes)
Habrophallos (Collared Thread Snake)
Leptotyphlops (Typical Thread Snakes)
Mitophis (Hispaniola Thread Snakes)
Myriopholis (Many-scaled Thread Snakes)
Namibiana (Southwest African Thread Snakes)
Rena (Maroon Thread Snakes)
Rhinoguinea (West African Long-tailed Thread Snake)
Rhinoleptus (West African Sharp-nosed Thread Snake)
Siagonodon (Mandible-toothed Thread Snakes)
Tetracheilostoma (Lesser Antillean Thread Snakes)
Tricheilostoma (West African Forest Thread Snakes)
Trilepida (Three-scaled Thread Snakes)