IUCN Red List assessments
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IUCN Red Lists of Lizards (Sauria)
Taxonomy and distribution of the family Scincidae
Bibliography of the family Scincidae



IUCN Red List assessments:
Extinct (in recent times): 9 species
Extinct in the Wild: 1 species= 0.1 %
Critically Endangered: 73 species= 4.1 %
Endangered: 102 species= 5.8 %
Vulnerable: 90 species= 5.1 %
Near Threatened: 77 species= 4.4 %
Least Concern: 998 species= 56.7 %
Data Deficient: 217 species= 12.3 %
Not Assessed: 202 species= 11.5 %


Ablepharus (Eurasian Snake-eyed Skinks)
Acontias (Greater Legless Skinks)
Acritoscincus (Cool-Skinks)
Alinea (Caribbean Stripeless Skinks)
Amphiglossus (Fine-scaled Short-legged Skinks)
Anepischetosia (Highland Elf Skink)
Anomalopus (Australian Worm Skinks)
Apterygodon (Bornean Striped Tree Skink)
Aspronema (South American White-striped Skinks)
Asymblepharus (Central Asian Mountain Skinks)
Ateuchosaurus (East Asian Short-legged Skinks)
Austroablepharus (Grassland Striped Skinks)
Barkudia (Indian Limbless Skinks)
Bellatorias (Papua-Australian Giant Skinks)
Brachymeles (Indo-Malayan Slender Skinks)
Brachyseps (Madagascar Short-legged Skinks)
Brasiliscincus (Brazilian Small-headed Skinks)
Caesoris (Blue-mouthed Skink)
Caledoniscincus (New Caledonian Leaf-litter Skinks)
Calyptotis (Dwarf Woodland Skinks)
Capitellum (Antillean Small-headed Skinks)
Carlia (Australian-Pacific Rainbow Skinks)
Celatiscincus (Pale-hipped Skinks)
Chalcides (Cylindrical Skinks)
Chalcidoseps (Knuckles Four-toed Skink)
Chioninia (Cape Verde Skinks)
Concinnia (Bar-sided Forest Skinks)
Copeoglossum (Neotropical Spotted Skinks)
Cophoscincopus (West African Keeled Water Skinks)
Corucia (Solomon Islands Prehensile-tailed Skink)
Cryptoblepharus (Indo-Pacific Snake-eyed Skinks)
Ctenotus (Australian Comb-eared Skinks)
Cyclodomorphus (Slender Blue-tongued Skinks & Pink-tongued Skink)
Dasia (Indo-Malayan Tree Skinks)
Egernia (Australian Greater Skinks)
Emoia (Emo Skinks)
Epibator (New Caledonian Tree Skinks)
Eremiascincus (Glossy Night Skinks & Sand Swimmers)
Eroticoscincus (Australian Elf Skink)
Eugongylus (Short-legged Giant Skinks)
Eulamprus (Australian Water Skinks)
Eumeces (Afro-Asian Long-legged Skinks)
Eumecia (East African Short-legged Skinks)
Eurylepis (Asian Mole Skinks)
Eutropis (South Asian Sun Skinks)
Exila (Amazonian Gracile Skink)
Feylinia (African Snake Skinks)
Flexiseps (Madagascar Cylindrical Skinks)
Fojia (Papuan Forest Stream Skink)
Geomyersia (Dwarf Flat Skinks)
Geoscincus (New Caledonian Ground Skink)
Glaphyromorphus (Short-legged Mulch Skinks)
Gongylomorphus (Slit-eared Skinks)
Graciliscincus (Gracile Burrowing Skink)
Grandidierina (South Madagascar Blind Sand Sliders)
Haackgreerius (Somali Blind Sand Slider)
Hakaria (Socotra Slender Skink)
Harrisoniascincus (Beech Skink)
Hemiergis (Earless Mulch Skinks)
Heremites (Western Palearctic Grass Skinks)
Insulasaurus (Island Forest Skinks)
Isopachys (Oriental Snake Skinks)
Janetaescincus (Seychelles Four-toed Burrowing Skinks)
Jarujinia (Ratchaburi Two-legged Skink)
Kaestlea (Indian Ground Skinks)
Kanakysaurus (New Caledonian Forest Skinks)
Kuniesaurus (White-eared Skink)
Lacertaspis (Central African Leaf-litter Skinks)
Lacertoides (New Caledonian Leopard Skink)
Lamprolepis (Malay Archipelago Tree Skinks)
Lampropholis (Australian Sun Skinks)
Lankascincus (Lanka Skinks)
Larutia (Malay Slender Forest Skinks)
Leiolopisma (Indo-Pacific Ground Skinks)
Leptoseps (Four-toed Slender Skinks)
Leptosiaphos (Slender Leaf-litter Skinks)
Lerista (Sliders)
Liburnascincus (Four-fingered Rock Skinks)
Liopholis (Australian Desert and Rock Skinks)
Lioscincus (New Caledonian Smooth Skinks)
Lipinia (Indo-Pacific Striped Skinks)
Lissolepis (Swamp Skinks)
Lobulia (Papuan Comb-eared Skinks)
Lubuya (Benguela White-lined Skink)
Lygisaurus (Sahul Leaf-litter Skinks)
Lygosoma (Southeast Asian Writhing Skinks)
Mabuya (Antillean Two-lined Skinks)
Madascincus (Madagascar Short-legged Skinks)
Manciola (South American Small-handed Skink)
Maracaiba (Maracaibo Skinks)
Marisora (Middle American Skinks)
Marmorosphax (Marble-throated Skinks)
Melanoseps (Black Limbless Skinks)
Menetia (Australian Dwarf Skinks)
Mesoscincus (Central American Giant Skinks)
Mochlus (African Supple Skinks)
Morethia (Australian Striped Snake-eyed Skinks)
Nannoscincus (New Caledonian Elf Skinks)
Nessia (Singalese Skinks)
Niveoscincus (Snow Skinks)
Notomabuya (Southern Neotropical Skink)
Notoscincus (Glossy Soil-crevice Skinks)
Oligosoma (New Zealand Lesser Skinks)
Ophiomorus (South West Asian Snake Skinks)
Orosaura (Venezuelan Cloud Forest Skink)
Otosaurus (Philippine Giant Forest Skink)
Pamelaescincus (Seychelles Speckled Lowland Skink)
Panaspis (African Snake-eyed Skinks)
Panopa (Venezuelan Blue-tailed Skinks)
Papuascincus (Papuan Slender Skinks)
Paracontias (Madagascar Legless Skinks)
Paralipinia (Buon Luoi Tree Skink)
Parvoscincus (Philippine Dwarf Forest Skinks)
Phaeoscincus (New Caledonian Brown Skinks)
Phasmasaurus (Maquis Skinks)
Phoboscincus (New Caledonian Giant Skinks)
Pinoyscincus (Philippine Forest Skinks)
Plestiodon (Blue-tailed Skinks)
Prasinohaema (Green Tree Skinks)
Proablepharus (Slender Soil-crevice Skinks)
Proscelotes (African Slender Skinks)
Pseudemoia (Australian Grass Skinks)
Pseudoacontias (Madagascar Small-eyed Sliders)
Psychosaura (Brazilian Sharp-nosed Skinks)
Pygmaeascincus (Australian Pygmy Skinks)
Pygomeles (Madagascar Shovel-nosed Sand Sliders)
Riopa (Asian Gracile Skinks)
Ristella (Cat Skinks)
Saiphos (Australian Snake Skinks)
Saproscincus (Shade Skinks)
Scelotes (Dwarf Burrowing Skinks)
Scincella (South Asian and American Ground Skinks)
Scincopus (Tiger Skinks)
Scincus (Sand Fish)
Scolecoseps (East African Sand Skinks)
Sepsina (Savannah Burrowing Skinks)
Sepsophis (Blunt-tailed Burrowing Skink)
Sigaloseps (New Caledonian Shiny Skinks)
Silvascincus (Australian Speckled Forest Skinks)
Simiscincus (Orange-bellied Burrowing Skink)
Sphenomorphus (Indo-Pacific Forest Skinks)
Spondylurus (Antillean Four-lined Skinks)
Subdoluseps (Asian Agile Skinks)
Tachygyia (Tonga Ground Skink)
Techmarscincus (Mount Bartle Frere Cool-Skink)
Tiliqua (Blue-tongued Skinks)
Toenayar (Nine-keeled Sun Skink)
Trachylepis (African-American Grass and Forest Skinks)
Tribolonotus (Casque-headed Skinks)
Tropidophorus (Stream Skinks)
Tropidoscincus (Whip-tailed Skinks)
Tumbunascincus (Orange-speckled Forest Skink)
Typhlacontias (Western Burrowing Skinks)
Typhlosaurus (Blind Legless Skinks)
Tytthoscincus (Dwarf Leaf-litter Skinks)
Varzea (Amazonian Floodplain Skinks)
Vietnascincus (Vietnamese Rough-scaled Tree Skink)
Voeltzkowia (North Madagascar Blind Sand Sliders)