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Latest update: December 31st, 2022.

Taxonomy of the family Lamprophiidae
Bibliography of the genus Lycodryas
Biodiversity of the family Lamprophiidae


Madagascar-Comoran Tree Snakes

Madagassisch-Komorische Baumnattern

Madagassisk-Comoriske Træsnoge

1879 Lycodryas Günther (type species: Lycodryas sancti-johannis Günther 1879)
1896 Stenophis Boulenger (type species: Dipsas gaimardi Schlegel 1837; syn. Nagy, Glaw & Vences 2010)
Contents: 10 species, all of which are endemic.
Endemism: 0% 100%
Suggested classification:
Family Lamprophiidae, subfamily Pseudoxyrhophiinae (e.g., Zaher, Grazziotin, Cadle, Murphy, Moura-Leite & Bonatto 2009).
Remarks: Domergue (1995) restricted the genus Lycodryas to accomodate Comoran species and revalidated the genus Stenophis for Madagascan species, along with other species now placed in the genera (former subgenera) Parastenophis and Phisalixella. However, Nagy, Glaw & Vences (2010) raised these two subgenera to genus level and synonymized the remaining species with Lycodryas.
Distribution: Comoro Islands (Anjouan, Grande Comoro, Moheli), Madagascar (incl. Nosy Be), Mayotte.

Lycodryas carleti

Manakara Tree Snake



1995 Stenophis carleti Domergue
Lycodryas carleti Nagy, Glaw & Vences 2010

Remarks: Status uncertain (Vences, Glaw, Mercurio & Andreone 2004).
Distribution: Madagascar.

Lycodryas citrinus

Yellow-and-Black Tree Snake

Schwarz-gelbe Baumnatter

Gul-sort Træsnog

1995 Stenophis citrinus Domergue
Lycodryas citrinus Nagy, Glaw & Vences 2010

Distribution: Madagascar.

Lycodryas cococola

Western Comoran Tree Snake

Westliche Komoren-Baumnatter

Vestcomorisk Træsnog

2012 Lycodryas cococola cococola Hawlitschek, Nagy & Glaw
2012 Lycodryas cococola innocens Hawlitschek, Nagy & Glaw

Other common names:
cococola: Grande Comoro Tree Snake
innocens: Moheli Tree Snake
Distribution: Comoro Islands (Grande Comoro, Moheli).

Lycodryas gaimardi

Northeastern Tree Snake

Nordostmadagassische Baumnatter

Nordøstmadagassisk Træsnog

1837 Dipsas gaimardi Schlegel
Heterurus gaimardi Duméril & Bibron 1854
Stenophis gaimardi Boulenger 1896
Lycodryas gaimardi Guibe 1958

Remarks: Previously included granuliceps. The claimed occurrence of this species in the Comoro Islands (e.g., Boulenger 1915) has never been confirmed (Wallach & Glaw 2009; Hawlitschek, Bruckmann, Berger, Green & Glaw 2011).
Distribution: Madagascar.

Lycodryas granuliceps

Nosy Bé Tree Snake

Nosy Bé-Baumnatter

Nosy Bé-træsnog

1877 Dipsas gaimardi granuliceps Boettger
Stenophis granuliceps Boulenger 1896
Lycodryas gaimardi granuliceps Guibe 1958
Lycodryas granuliceps Nagy, Glaw & Vences 2010
1995 Stenophis capuroni Domergue (Vences, Glaw, Mercurio & Andreone 2004)

Distribution: Madagascar (incl. Nosy Be).

Lycodryas guentheri

Collared Tree Snake



1896 Stenophis guentheri Boulenger
Lycodryas guentheri Guibe 1958

Distribution: Madagascar.

Lycodryas inopinae

Antsiranana Tree Snake



1995 Stenophis inopinae Domergue
Lycodryas inopinae Nagy, Glaw & Vences 2010

Distribution: Madagascar.

Lycodryas inornatus

Plain Tree Snake

Schmucklose Baumnatter

Prydløs Træsnog

1896 Stenophis inornatus Boulenger
Lycodryas inornatus Guibe 1958

Distribution: Madagascar.

Lycodryas maculatus

Eastern Comoran Tree Snake

Östliche Komoren-Baumnatter

Østcomorisk Træsnog

1858 Dipsadoboa maculata Günther
Stenophis maculatus Boulenger 1896
Lycodryas maculatus Guibe 1858
1874 Dipsas gaimardii comorensis Peters
Lycodryas maculatus comorensis Hawlitschek, Nagy & Glaw 2012
1879 Lycodryas sancti-johannis Günther (Hawlitschek, Nagy & Glaw 2012)
Stenophis sancti-johannis Henkel & Schmidt 1995
1913 Lycodryas sanctijohannis mayottensis Boettger (Hawlitschek, Nagy & Glaw 2012)

Other common names:
comorensis: Mayotte Tree Snake
maculatus: Anjouan Tree Snake
Distribution: Comoro Islands (Anjouan), Mayotte.

Lycodryas pseudogranuliceps

Ampijoroa Tree Snake



1995 Stenophis pseudogranuliceps Domergue
Lycodryas pseudogranuliceps Nagy, Glaw & Vences 2010

Distribution: Madagascar.