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Taxonomy of the family Scincidae
Bibliography of the genus Tropidoscincus
Biodiversity of the family Scincidae


Whip-tailed Skinks



1873 Tropidoscincus Bocage (type species: Tropidoscincus aubrianus Bocage 1873)
1879 Sauroscincus Peters (type species: Sauroscincus braconnieri Peters 1879; syn. Sadlier 1987)
Contents: 3 species, all of which are endemic.
Endemism: 0% 100%
Remarks: Previously included in Lygosoma.
Distribution: New Caledonia (Grande Terre, Isle of Pines).

Tropidoscincus aubrianus

Pale Whip-tailed Skink, (Aubry's Whip-tailed Skink)

Heller Peitschenschwanzskink

Lys Piskehaleskink

1873 Tropidoscincus aubrianus Bocage
Lampropholis aubrianus Mittleman 1952
Tropidoscincus aubrianus Sadlier 1987
1879 Sauroscincus braconnieri Peters (Sadlier 1987)

Distribution: New Caledonia (Grande Terre, Isle of Pines).

Tropidoscincus boreus

Northern Whip-tailed Skink

Nördlicher Peitschenschwanzskink

Nordlig Piskehaleskink

1987 Tropidoscincus variabilis Sadlier [not Tropidolopisma variabilis Bavay 1869]
2000 Tropidoscincus boreus Sadlier & Bauer in Bauer & Sadlier

Remarks: Previously referred to as T. variabilis (Sadlier 1987).
Distribution: New Caledonia (Grande Terre).

Tropidoscincus variabilis

Southern Whip-tailed Skink

Südlicher Peitschenschwanzskink

Sydlig Piskehaleskink

1869 Tropidolopisma variabilis Bavay
Lygosoma variable [sic] Smith 1937
Lampropholis variabilis Mittleman 1952
Leiolopisma variabilis Greer 1974
Tropidoscincus variabilis Sadlier 1987
1908 Lygosoma röhssii Andersson (Bauer & Sadlier 2000)
Tropidoscincus rohssii Sadlier 1987

Distribution: New Caledonia (Grande Terre).