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Malay Archipelago

Taxonomy of the genus Xenophidion Biodiversity of the family Xenophidiidae

Bibliography of the genus
Xenophidion (Spiny-jawed Snakes)

(Reptilia: Serpentes: Xenophidiidae)

Note: In order to limit redundancy, relevant literature indexed in the related bibliographies in the left column may not have been included in this page. For a comprehensive search of literature, these bibliographies should therefore also be consulted.

Xenophidion in general

Günther, R.; Manthey, U. 1995. Xenophidion, a new genus with two new species of snakes from Malaysia (Serpentes, Colubridae). Amphibia-Reptilia 16(3): 229-240.

Wallach, V.; Günther, R. 1998. Visceral anatomy of the Malaysian snake genus Xenophidion, including a cladistic analysis and allocation to a new family (Serpentes: Xenophidiidae). Amphibia-Reptilia 19(4): 385-405.

Xenophidion acanthognathus

Rowntree, N.; Griffiths, J.; Rowntree, P. 2017. Geographic distribution: Xenophidion acanthognathus (Bornean Spine-jawed Snake). Herpetological Review 48(1): 132-133.

Xenophidion schaeferi

Lawson, R.; Slowinski, J.B.; Burbrink, F.T. 2004. A molecular approach to discerning the phylogenetic placement of the enigmatic snake Xenophidion schaeferi among the Alethinophidia. Journal of Zoology (London) 263(3): 285-294.

Quah, E.S.H.; Grismer, L.L.; Jetten, T.; Wood, P.L.; Miralles, A.; Sah, S.A.M.; Guek, K.H.P.; Brady, M.L. 2018. The rediscovery of Schaefer’s Spine-jawed Snake (Xenophidion schaeferi Günther & Manthey, 1995) (Serpentes, Xenophidiidae) from Peninsular Malaysia with notes on its variation and the first record of the genus from Sumatra, Indonesia. Zootaxa 4441(2): 366–378.