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Lizards (Sauria)


Western Shade Tejus

Biodiversity of the family Alopoglossidae Bibliography of the family Alopoglossidae

Fold-tongued Spectacled Tejus
Faltenzungen-Brillentejus oder -Zwergtejus     Foldtungede Brilletejuer

  23 species of which 12 (52.2%) are endemic - 2 genera of which none are endemic (as of December 31st, 2018).

Remarks: Previously included in the family Teiidae (e.g., Peters & Donoso-Barros 1970; Goin, Goin & Zug 1978) or, more recently, in Gymnophthalmidae (e.g., Pellegrino, Rodrigues, Yonenaga-Yassuda & Sites 2001), formerly a subfamily of the family Teiidae, but separated from this family by Presch (1983). Subsequently, Goicoechea, Frost, Riva, Pellegrino, Sites, Rodrigues & Padial (2016) raised the subfamily Alopoglossinae to family status, Alopoglossidae, incl. the genera Alopoglossus and Ptychoglossus (now considered a synonym of Alopoglossus).

Distribution:  As for the single genus of the family, Alopoglossus.