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Taxonomy of the family Elapidae [terrestrial species]
Bibliography of the genus Brachyurophis
Biodiversity of the family Elapidae [terrestrial species]


Australian Shovel-nosed Snakes

Australische Schaufelnasenottern


1863 Brachyurophis Günther (type species: Brachyurophis semifasciata Günther 1863)
1872 Rhinelaps Günther (type species: Rhinelaps fasciolatus Günther 1872; syn. Wilson & Swan 2010)
1896 Hornea Lucas & Frost (type species: Hornea pulchella Lucas & Frost 1896; syn. Wilson & Swan 2010)
Contents: 8 species, all of which are endemic.
Remarks: Previously regarded as a synonym of Vermicella (e.g., Storr 1968) or, more recently, of Simoselaps (e.g., Mengden 1983; Cogger 1975, 1992; Cogger, Cameron & Cogger 1983). Considered a valid genus in most recent works (e.g., Wells & Wellington 1985; Aplin & Smith 2001; Swan, Shea & Sadlier 2004; Wilson 2005; Hutchinson 2010; Wilson & Swan 2010).
Distribution: Australia (New South Wales, Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, Victoria, Western Australia).

Brachyurophis approximans

Northwestern Shovel-nosed Snake

Nordwestliche Schaufelnasenotter

Nordvestlig Skovlnæsegiftsnog

1954 Rhynchoelaps approximans Glauert
Rhinelaps approximans Worrell 1963
Vermicella semifasciata approximans Storr 1968
Vermicella approximans Storr 1978
Simoselaps approximans Mengden 1983
Brachyurophis approximans Aplin & Smith 2001

Distribution: Australia (Western Australia).

Brachyurophis australis

Eastern Shovel-nosed Snake, Shovel-nosed Coral Snake, (Australian Coral Snake)

Östliche Schaufelnasenotter

Østlig Skovlnæsegiftsnog

1864 Simotes australis Krefft
Brachyurophis australis Günther 1865
Rhynchelaps australis Boulenger 1896
Simoselaps australis Cogger 1975

Distribution: Australia (New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Victoria).

Brachyurophis campbelli

Einasleigh Shovel-nosed Snake

Nordöstliche Schaufelnasenotter

Nordøstlig Skovlnæsegiftsnog

1929 Rhynchoelaps campbelli Kinghorn
Brachyurophis campbelli Minton & al. 1970
Simoselaps semifasciatus campbelli Cogger 1986
1934 Rhynchelaps woodjonesi Thomson (Cogger 2014)
Brachyurophis woodjonesii Worrell 1963
Simoselaps semifasciatus woodjonesi Wilson & Knowles 1988

Other common names:
woodjonesi: Cape York Shovel-nosed Snake
Remarks: Regarded as a subspecies or synonym of semifasciatus by some authors (e.g., Cogger, Cameron & Cogger 1983; Wilson & Swan 2010) or of roperi (e.g., Wallach, Williams & Boundy 2014), but as a separate species by others (e.g., Cogger 2014).
Distribution: Australia (Queensland).

Brachyurophis fasciolatus

Narrow-banded Shovel-nosed Snake, Narrow-banded Snake, Narrow-banded Burrowing Snake

Schmalgebänderte Schaufelnasenotter

Smalbåndet Skovlnæsegiftsnog

1872 Rhinelaps fasciolatus Günther
Rhynchelaps fasciolatus Boulenger 1896
Vermicella fasciolata Storr 1968
Simoselaps fasciolatus Cogger 1975
Brachyurophis fasciolata Aplin & Smith 2001
1893 Vermicella fasciata Stirling & Zietz
Simoselaps fasciolata fasciata Cogger 1975
Simoselaps fasciata Wells & Wellington 1985
Brachyurophis fasciolata fasciata Aplin & Smith 2001
1896 Hornea pulchella Lucas & Frost (Golay & al. 1993)
Simoselaps pulchellus Wells & Wellington 1985

Distribution: Australia (New South Wales, Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia).

Brachyurophis incinctus

Unbanded Shovel-nosed Snake, Unbanded Burrowing Snake, (Northern Desert Banded Snake)

Bandlose Schaufelnasenotter

Båndløs Skovlnæsegiftsnog

1968 Vermicella semifasciata incincta Storr
Simoselaps incinctus Cogger 1975
Brachyurophis incinctus Wells & Wellington 1985

Distribution: Australia (Northern Territory, Queensland).

Brachyurophis morrisi

Arnhem Land Shovel-nosed Snake, (Morris' Shovel-nosed Snake)



1998 Simoselaps morrisi Horner

Distribution: Australia (Northern Territory).

Brachyurophis roperi

Northern Shovel-nosed Snake

Nördliche Schaufelnasenotter

Nordlig Skovlnæsegiftsnog

1931 Rhynchoelaps roperi Kinghorn
Brachyurophis roperi Worrell 1963
Vermicella semifasciata roperi Storr 1968
Simoselaps roperi Wallach 1985
Simoselaps semifasciatus roperi Cogger 1986
1985 Brachyurophis murrayi Wells & Wellington (tentative synonymy)

Remarks: Previously regarded as a subspecies of semifasciata. Treated as a separate species in most recent works (e.g., Hutchinson 1990; David & Ineich 1999; Wilson & Swan 2010).
Distribution: Australia (Northern Territory, Western Australia).

Brachyurophis semifasciatus

Southern Shovel-nosed Snake, Southern Half-girdled Snake

Südliche Schaufelnasenotter

Sydlig Skovlnæsegiftsnog

1863 Brachyurophis semifasciata Günther
Vermicella semifasciata Storr 1968
Simoselaps semifasciatus Cogger 1975
1863 Elaps rhinostoma Jan (Golay & al. 1993)
Pseudoelaps rhinostoma Jan 1863
Furina rhinostoma Müller 1865
1931 Rhynchoelaps smithii Kinghorn (Golay & al. 1993)

Remarks: Previously included campbelli and roperi.
Distribution: Australia (Northern Territory, South Australia, Western Australia).