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Taxonomy of the family Lacertidae
Bibliography of the genus Gallotia
Biodiversity of the family Lacertidae


Canarian Lizards


Canariske Firben*

1843 Elaphropus Fitzinger (type species: Lacerta galloti Oudart in Webb & Berthelot 1839; syn. Arnold 1989)
1916 Gallotia Boulenger (type species: Lacerta galloti Oudart in Webb & Berthelot 1839)
Contents: 8 species, all of which are endemic.
Remarks: Previously regarded as a subgenus of Lacerta. Raised to genus status by Arnold (1973).
Distribution: Canary Islands (Fuerteventura, Gomera, Gran Canaria, Hierro, Lanzarote, Palma, Tenerife).

Gallotia atlantica

Purpurarian Lizard, Atlantic Lizard

Ostkanareneidechse, Atlantische Eidechse, Purpurarieneidechse

Řstkanarisk Firben*

1882 Lacerta atlantica Peters & Doria
Gallotia atlantica Arnold 1973
1985 Gallotia atlantica delibesi Castroviejo, Mateo & Collado (López-Jurado, Mateo & Geniez 1995)
1985 Gallotia atlantica ibagnezi Castroviejo, Mateo & Collado (López-Jurado, Mateo & Geniez 1995)
1985 Gallotia atlantica laurae Castroviejo, Mateo & Collado (López-Jurado, Mateo & Geniez 1995)
1985 Gallotia atlantica mahoratae Bischoff (Bischoff (ed.) 1998)

Introduced to: Canary Islands (Gran Canaria).
Distribution: Canary Islands (Fuerteventura, Lanzarote).

Gallotia auaritae

La Palma Giant Lizard



2001 Gallotia simonyi auaritae Mateo, Márquez, López Jurado & Barahona
Gallotia auaritae Martín 2009

Remarks: Considered extinct in historic times, but sightings (including photographic evidence) from 2007 could represent auaritae, although these sightings have been questioned (Martín 2009).
Distribution: Canary Islands (Palma).

Gallotia bravoana

La Gomera Giant Lizard



1985 Gallotia goliath bravoana Hütterer
Gallotia simonyi bravoana Bischoff (ed.) 1998
Gallotia bravoana Mateo, Crochet & Afonso 2011
1985 Gallotia simonyi gomerana Hütterer (Bischoff 1998; Mateo, Crochet & Afonso 2011)
Gallotia gomerana Nogales, Rando, Valido & Martín 2001

Remarks: Both bravoana and gomerana were first described from subfossil bones and believed to be extinct subspecies of simonyi (Hütterer 1985), but later a small extant population was found and raised to species status (as gomerana) by Nogales, Rando, Valido & Martín (2001), who considered the two forms separate species. Subsequently, a debate followed regarding their taxonomic status. Some authors regarded them as conspecific (e.g., Bischoff 1998; Mateo 2002; Sindaco & Jeremchenko 2008), while others (e.g., Martín & Rando 2006) argued that the two forms were separate species. Mateo, Crochet & Afonso (2011) clarified the issue, and synonymized gomerana with bravoana. The taxon gomerana is not to be confused with Gallotia galloti gomerae Boettger & Müller 1914 (a synonym of caesaris).
Distribution: Canary Islands (Gomera).

Gallotia caesaris

Lesser Canarian Lizard*, (Boettger's Lizard)

Kleine Kanareneidechse

Lille Kanarisk Firben*

1914 Lacerta cćsaris Lehrs
Lacerta galloti caesaris Boettger & Müller 1914
Gallotia galloti caesaris Bischoff, Nettmann & Rykena 1979
Gallotia caesaris Bischoff (ed.) 1998
1914 Lacerta galloti gomerae Boettger & Müller (Bischoff (ed.) 1998)

Introduced to: Canary Islands (Tenerife).
Distribution: Canary Islands (Gomera, Hierro).

Gallotia galloti

Common Tenerife Lizard, Western Canarian Lizard


Vestkanarisk Firben*

1839 Lacerta galloti Oudart in Webb & Berthelot
Zootoca galloti Gray 1845
Gallotia galloti Arnold 1973
1914 Lacerta galloti palmae Boettger & Müller (Bischoff (ed.) 1998)
1982 Gallotia galloti eisentrauti Bischoff (Bischoff (ed.) 1998)
1985 Gallotia galloti insulanagae Martín (Bischoff (ed.) 1998)

Introduced to: Madeira, Canary Islands (Hierro).
Distribution: Canary Islands (Palma, Tenerife).

Gallotia intermedia

Tenerife Speckled Lizard, Canarian Spotted Lizard

Teneriffa-Rieseneidechse, Getüpfelte Kanareneidechse

Kanarisk Spćttet Firben*

2000 Gallotia intermedia Hernández, Nogales & Martín

Distribution: Canary Islands (Tenerife).

Gallotia simonyi

El Hierro Giant Lizard, (Simony's Lizard)



1889 Lacerta simonyi Steindachner
Gallotia simonyi Arnold 1973
1989 Gallotia simonyi machadoi López-Jurado (Bischoff (ed.) 1998)

Other common names:
simonyi: Zalmor Giant Lizard
Remarks: Previously included auaritae. Includes two subspecies (simonyi, machadoi) of which the nominate, simonyi (known from only Roques del Zalmor, off Hierro), is believed to be extinct.
Distribution: Canary Islands (Hierro).

Gallotia stehlini

Gran Canaria Giant Lizard, (Stehlin's Lizard)


Kanarisk Kćmpefirben*

1901 Lacerta galloti var. stehlini Schenkel
Lacerta stehlini Lehrs 1909
Lacerta simonyi stehlini Krefft 1950
Gallotia simonyi stehlini Arnold 1973
Gallotia stehlini Welch 1982

Introduced to: Canary Islands (Fuerteventura).
Distribution: Canary Islands (Gran Canaria).