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Rune Midtgaard

Taxonomy of the family Lacertidae
Bibliography of the genus Iberolacerta
Biodiversity of the family Lacertidae


Southern European Rock Lizards*

Iberische Gebirgseidechsen

Sydeuropiske Klippefirben*

1997 Iberolacerta Arribas (type species: Lacerta muralis monticola Boulenger 1905)
1997 Pyrenesaura Arribas (type species: Lacerta monticola bonnali Lantz 1927)
Contents: 8 species, of which 3 (37.5%) are endemic.
Remarks: The species of this genus were previously included in Lacerta (e.g.; Arnold 1989). Some authors prefer to regard it as a subgenus of Lacerta (e.g., Sindaco & Jeremchenko 2008). I. horvathi was reported from extreme southern Germany (Arnold, Arribas & Carranza 2007; possibly the result of human introduction), but has not been found since.
Distribution: Andorra, Austria, Croatia, France, Italy, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain.

Iberolacerta aranica

Aran Rock Lizard

Val dArn-Gebirgseidechse


1993 Lacerta bonnali aranica Arribas
Lacerta aranica Arribas 1996
Iberolacerta aranica Arribas 1997

Distribution: France, Spain.

Iberolacerta aurelioi

Lrida Rock Lizard, (Aurelio's Rock Lizard)

Aurelios Gebirgseidechse


1994 Lacerta aurelioi Arribas
Iberolacerta aurelioi Arribas 1997

Distribution: Andorra, France, Spain.

Iberolacerta bonnali

Pyrenean Rock Lizard


Pyrenisk Klippefirben*

1927 Lacerta monticola bonnali Lantz
Lacerta bonnali Arribas Amo 1993
Iberolacerta bonnali Arribas 1997

Distribution: France, Spain.

Iberolacerta cyreni

Carpetane Rock Lizard*, Carpetane Lizard, (Cyren's Rock Lizard)

Zentralspanische Gebirgseidechse

Carpetanisk Klippefirben*

1937 Lacerta monticola cyreni Mller & Hellmich
Lacerta cyreni Arribas 1996
Iberolacerta cyreni Arribas 1997
1996 Lacerta cyreni castiliana Arribas
Iberolacerta cyreni castiliana Almeida, Rosa, Paulo & Crespo 2002

Remarks: Previously included martinezricai.
Distribution: Spain.

Iberolacerta galani

Leonean Rock Lizard*, (Galan's Rock Lizard)

Leonische Gebirgseidechse*, (Galans Gebirgseidechse)

Leonsk Klippefirben*

2006 Iberolacerta galani Arribas, Carranza & Odierna

Distribution: Spain.

Iberolacerta horvathi

Croatian Rock Lizard*, (Horvath's Rock Lizard)

Kroatische Gebirgseidechse

Kroatisk Klippefirben

1904 Lacerta horvathi Mhely
Lacerta muralis horvathi Boulenger 1913
Iberolacerta horvathi Arribas 1997

Remarks: Reported from extreme southern Germany (Arnold, Arribas & Carranza 2007; possibly the result of human introduction), but has not been found since.
Distribution: Austria, Croatia, Italy, Slovenia.

Iberolacerta martinezricai

Sierra de Francia Rock Lizard, Pea de Francia Rock Lizard, Batuecan Rock Lizard, (Martinez-Rica's Rock Lizard)

Sierra de Francia-Gebirgseidechse

Sierra de Francia-klippefirben*

1996 Lacerta cyreni martinezricai Arribas
Iberolacerta cyreni martinezricai Mayer & Arribas 2003
Iberolacerta martinezricai Arribas & Odierna 2004

Remarks: The studies of Crochet, Chaline, Surget-Groba, Debain & Cheylan (2004) revealed a closer relationship of this species to monticola than to cyreni, of which it was previously considered a subspecies. Elevated as a separate species by Arribas & Odierna (2004).
Distribution: Spain.

Iberolacerta monticola

West Iberian Rock Lizard, (Iberian Rock Lizard, Iberian Mountain Lizard)

Nordwestiberische Gebirgseidechse*

Vestiberisk Klippefirben*

1905 Lacerta muralis monticola Boulenger
Lacerta monticola Schreiber 1912
Archaeolacerta monticola Lanza, Cei & Crespo 1977
Iberolacerta monticola Arribas 1997
1928 Lacerta estrellensis Cyrn (Arribas 1996)
1929 Lacerta monticola cantabrica Mertens
Iberolacerta monticola cantabrica Bischoff 2001
2014 Iberolacerta monticola astur Arribas, Galn, Remn & Naveira

Other common names:
cantabrica: Cantabrian Rock Lizard
Remarks: Previously included bonnali.
Distribution: Portugal, Spain.