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Lizards (Sauria)


Monkey Lizards

Biodiversity of the family Polychrotidae Bibliography of the family Polychrotidae

Monkey Lizards
Affenleguane*     Abeleguaner*

  8 species of which 1 (12.5%) is endemic - 1 genus which is not endemic (as of December 31st, 2018).

Remarks: The single genus of this family, Polychrus, was previously included in the family Iguanidae (e.g., Peters & Donoso-Barros 1970). Separate family status was given by Frost & Etheridge (1989) as Polychridae, which also included the genera later assigned to Dactyloidae and Leiosauridae. Subsequently, the family name was corrected by Frost, Etheridge, Janies & Titus (2001) to Polychrotidae, and they named a new family, Leiosauridae, for the genera now assigned to that family. Currently, the family Polychrotidae contains only the genus Polychrus, after the remaining genera have been assigned to a separate family, Dactyloidae (e.g., Vitt & Caldwell 2014).

Distribution:  As for the single genus of the family, Polychrus.