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Taxonomy of the family Scincidae
Bibliography of the genus Scolecoseps
Biodiversity of the family Scincidae


East African Sand Skinks*

Ostafrikanische Sandskinke*

Østafrikanske Sandskinker*

1920 Scolecoseps Loveridge (type species: Scolecoseps boulengeri Loveridge 1920)
Contents: 4 species, all of which are endemic. In addition to this, a population of an undescribed species occurs in coastal Kenya, the only species of Scolecoseps known from this country (Spawls, Howell, Hinkel & Menegon 2018).
Distribution: Kenya, Mozambique, Tanzania.

Scolecoseps acontias

Limbless Sand Skink, Sandy-soil Limbless Skink

Gliedloser Sandskink*

Lemmeløs Sandskink*

1914 Melanoseps acontias Werner
Scolecoseps acontias Loveridge 1923

Remarks: Status uncertain (Broadley 1995).
Distribution: Tanzania.

Scolecoseps boulengeri

Mozambique Sand Skink*

Mosambikanischer Sandskink*

Mozambiqisk Sandskink*

1920 Scolecoseps boulengeri Loveridge

Distribution: Mozambique.

Scolecoseps broadleyi

Palma Sand Skink



2018 Scolecoseps broadleyi Verburght, Verburght & Branch

Distribution: Mozambique.

Scolecoseps litipoensis

Litipo Sand Skink



1995 Scolecoseps litipoensis Broadley

Distribution: Tanzania.