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Latest update: December 31st, 2022.

Taxonomy of the family Colubridae
Bibliography of the genus Borikenophis
Biodiversity of the family Colubridae


Puerto Rican Bank Racers

Puertorikanische Zornnattern

Centralcaribiske Pilsnoge

2009 Borikenophis Hedges & Vidal in Hedges, Couloux & Vidal (type species: Alsophis portoricensis Reinhardt & Lütken 1863)
Contents: Borikenophis 3 living species, of which 2 (66.7%) are endemic.
Endemism: 0% 100%
Remarks: Previously included in Alsophis (e.g., Schwartz & Henderson 1988).
Distribution: West Indies.
Reported from: British Virgin Islands (incl. Anegada), Puerto Rico (incl. Culebra, Desecheo, Mona, Vieques), U.S. Virgin Islands.

Borikenophis portoricensis

Puerto Rican Racer

Puertoricansk Zornnatter

Puertoricansk Pilsnog

1863 Alsophis portoricensis Reinhardt & Lütken
Ocyophis portoricensis Zaher, Grazziotin, Cadle, Murphy, Moura-Leite & Bonatto 2009
Borikenophis portoricensis Hedges, Couloux & Vidal 2009
1917 Alsophis anegadae Barbour
Dromicus anegadae Barbour 1937
Alsophis portoricensis anegadae Schwartz 1966
Borikenophis portoricensis anegadae Hedges, Couloux & Vidal 2009
1937 Alsophis nicholsi Grant
Alsophis portoricensis nicholsi Schwartz 1966
Borikenophis portoricensis nicholsi Hedges, Couloux & Vidal 2009
1946 Alsophis nicholsi richardi Grant
Alsophis portoricensis richardi Schwartz 1966
Borikenophis portoricensis richardi Hedges, Couloux & Vidal 2009
1966 Alsophis portoricensis aphantus Schwartz
Borikenophis portoricensis aphantus Hedges, Couloux & Vidal 2009
1966 Alsophis portoricensis prymnus Schwartz
Borikenophis portoricensis prymnus Hedges, Couloux & Vidal 2009

Other common names:
anegadae: British Virgin Islands Racer
aphantus: Vieques Island Racer
nicholsi: Buck Island Racer
portoricensis: Northern Puerto Rican Racer
prymnus: Southern Puerto Rican Racer
richardi: Saint Thomas Racer
Remarks: Previously included variegatus.
Introduced to: U.S. Virgin Islands (Saint Croix [extirpated], Saint Thomas [extirpated]).
Distribution: British Virgin Islands (incl. Anegada), Puerto Rico (incl. Culebra, Desecheo, Vieques), U.S. Virgin Islands (Buck Island, Cockroach Island, Congo Cay, Dog Island, Dutchcap Cay, Grass Cay, Great Saint James Island, Hans Lollik Island, Little Saint James Island, Lovango Cay, Mingo Cay, Outer Brass Island, Saba Island, Salt Cay, Savana Island, Thatch Cay, Water Island)

Borikenophis sanctaecrucis

Saint Croix Racer


Saint Croix-pilsnog

1862 Alsophis sancticrucis Cope
Dromicus sanctae-crucis Boulenger 1893 [emendation]
Borikenophis sanctaecrucis Hedges, Couloux & Vidal 2009

Distribution: U.S. Virgin Islands (St. Croix).

Borikenophis variegatus

Mona Island Racer



1926 Dromicus variegatus Schmidt
Alsophis variegatus Barbour 1937
Alsophis portoricensis variegatus Schwartz 1966
Borikenophis variegatus Hedges, Couloux & Vidal 2009

Distribution: Puerto Rico (Mona).