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Taxonomy of the family Scincidae
Bibliography of the genus Panopa
Biodiversity of the family Scincidae


Venezuelan Blue-tailed Skinks

Venezuelanische Blauschwanzskinke

Venezuelanske Blåhaleskinker

2012 Panopa Hedges & Conn (type species: Mabuya croizati Horton 1973)
Contents: 2 species, of which 1 (50.0%) is endemic.
Endemism: 0% 100%
Remarks: This genus was described on the basis of species previously assigned to Mabuya.
Distribution: Brazil (Roraima), Venezuela.

Panopa carvalhoi

Amazonian Blue-tailed Skink


Amazonas Blåhaleskink

1990 Mabuya carvalhoi Reboucas-Spieker & Vanzolini
Panopa carvalhoi Hedges & Conn 2012

Distribution: Brazil (Roraima), Venezuela.

Panopa croizati

Turimiquire Blue-tailed Skink



1973 Mabuya croizati Horton
Panopa croizati Hedges & Conn 2012

Distribution: Venezuela.