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Taxonomy of the family Homalopsidae
Bibliography of the genus Subsessor
Biodiversity of the family Homalopsidae


Southeast Asian Mud Snake

Südostasiatische Schlammnatter

Sydøstasiatisk Muddersnog

2014 Subsessor Murphy & Voris (type species: Hypsirhina bocourti Jan 1865)
Contents: 1 species, which is not endemic.
Endemism: 0% 100%
Remarks: The single species of this genus was previously placed in Enhydris (e.g., Murphy 2007).
Distribution: As for the single species.

Subsessor bocourti

Southeast Asian Mud Snake, (Bocourt's Mud Snake, Bocourt's River Snake, Bocourt's Water Snake)

Südostasiatische Schlammnatter

Sydøstasiatisk Muddersnog

1865 Hypsirhina bocourti Jan
Enhydris bocourti Smith 1930
Subsessor bocourti Murphy & Voris 2014
1885 Hypsirhina multilineata Tirant (Murphy 2007)
1923 Hypsirhina gigantea Werner (Murphy 2007)
1936 Hypsirhina bocourti soctrangensis Bourret (Murphy 2007)

Remarks: Previous reports from India and Burma are regarded as erroneous, however, the species may occur in southern Burma (Murphy 2007). Reports from China (Li 1998) are probably based on market or feral animals, as the species is imported to China from Cambodia and Vietnam (Murphy 2007).
Distribution: Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia (West Malaysia [incl. Langkawi Archipelago]), Thailand, Vietnam.