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The e-book RepFocus is written and edited by Rune Midtgaard, Denmark. This website represents a selection of the contents of the 1st edition of the e-book, but more information is accessible in the e-book edition. This includes all the distribution maps in larger scale and some literature lists. A sincere effort is made to keep RepFocus updated with current, published knowledge, particularly regarding the Taxonomy and Geography sections (links above). The deadline for new information included in the 1st edition of RepFocus was December 31st, 2018. Information published in 2019 and subsequently will be added continuously in a separate page in the website, Recent updates (link above), but will not be added to the main text until the 2nd edition is published.

If you notice any errors, omissions, or lack of updating, please send me an email, and I will update the website as soon as possible, after reviewing the references. Please attach pdf files of relevant publications to your email, if possible. This will speed up the updating process to the benefit of all users. If you are a researcher, I would be grateful if you would include RepFocus on your mailing list and send pdf files of your publications as soon as they become available. In return, information which is relevant to this website, will be included more speedily, of course with reference made to your publication.

Rune Midtgaard
Birke Alle 19.1.18
DK-5500 Middelfart