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Taxonomy of the family Viperidae
Bibliography of the genus Hypnale
Biodiversity of the family Viperidae


Hump-nosed Pitvipers


Asiatiske Snudehugorme*

1843 Hypnale Fitzinger (type species: Cophias hypnale Merrem 1820)
Contents: 3 species, of which 2 (66.7%) are endemic.
Remarks: Previously included in Agkistrodon.
Distribution: India (Goa, Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu), Sri Lanka.

Hypnale hypnale

Indian Hump-nosed Pitviper, (Merrem's Hump-nosed Viper)

Indische Nasenotter

Indisk Snudehugorm*

1820 Cophias hypnale Merrem
Trigonocephalus hypnale Schlegel 1837
Ancistrodon hypnale Boulenger 1890
Agkistrodon hypnale Pope 1935
Hypnale hypnale Gloyd 1977
1842 Trimeresurus ceylonensis Gray (Maduwage, Silva, Manamendra-Arachchi & Pethiyagoda 2009)
1871 Hypnale affinis Anderson [not Trigonocephalus affinis Gray 1849] (Maduwage, Silva, Manamendra-Arachchi & Pethiyagoda 2009)
1908 Ancistrodon millardi Wall (Maduwage, Silva, Manamendra-Arachchi & Pethiyagoda 2009)

Distribution: India (Goa, Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu), Sri Lanka.

Hypnale nepa

Sri Lankan Highland Hump-nosed Pitviper*, (Sri Lankan Hump-nosed Pitviper, Lorenz' Hump-nosed Pitviper, Millard's Hump-nosed Pitviper)

Srilankanische Bergnasenotter


1768 Coluber nepa Laurenti
Hypnale nepa Günther 1864
Crotalus hypnale nepa Higgins 1873
Ancistrodon nepa Smith 1937
Agkistrodon nepa Taylor 1950
1977 Hypnale walli Gloyd (Maduwage, Silva, Manamendra-Arachchi & Pethiyagoda 2009)

Other common names:
walli: Wall's Hump-nosed Pitviper, Gloyd's Hump-nosed Pitviper
Distribution: Sri Lanka.

Hypnale zara

Southwestern Sri Lankan Hump-nosed Pitviper*

Südwest-Srilankanische Nasenotter

Sydvestlig Snudehugorm*

1849 Trigonocephalus zara Gray
Hypnale zara Maduwage, Silva, Manamendra-Arachchi & Pethiyagoda 2009

Remarks: Previously regarded as a synonym of hypnale (e.g., McDiarmid, Campbell & Touré 1999) or of nepa (e.g., Golay & al. 1993). Revalidated by Maduwage, Silva, Manamendra-Arachchi & Pethiyagoda (2009).
Distribution: Sri Lanka.