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Taxonomy of the family Elapidae [terrestrial species]
Bibliography of the genus Leptomicrurus
Biodiversity of the family Elapidae [terrestrial species]


Black-backed Coral Snakes, Slender Coral Snakes, Thread Coral Snakes


Sortryggede Koralslanger

1937 Leptomicrurus Schmidt (type species: Elaps collaris Schlegel 1837)
Contents: 4 species, of which 1 (25.0%) is endemic.
Remarks: Regarded as a synonym of Micrurus by some authors (e.g., Roze 1983; Slowinski 1995; Castoe, Smith, Brown & Parkinson 2007; Wallach, Williams & Boundy 2014; David, Dobiey & Vogel 2018), but as a valid genus by others (e.g., Bernal-Carlo 1987; Roze & Bernal-Carlo 1988; Williams & Wallach 1989; Golay & al. 1993; Roze 1996; David & Ineich 1999; Campbell & Lamar 2004; Silva 2016).
Distribution: Bolivia, Brazil (Acre, Amapa, Amazonas, Para, Roraima), Colombia, Ecuador, French Guiana, Guyana, Peru, Surinam, Venezuela.

Leptomicrurus collaris

Guianan Black-backed Coral Snake, Guianan Slender Coral Snake


Sortrygget Guyana-koralslange

1826 Elaps collaris Schlegel
Hemibungarus collaris Peters 1863
Micrurus collaris Amaral 1925
Leptomicrurus collaris Schmidt 1937
1854 Elaps collaris vel calligaster Duméril, Bibron & Duméril [part] (Campbell & Lamar 2004)
Callophis calligaster Günther 1859
1854 Elaps gastrodelus Duméril, Bibron & Duméril (Campbell & Lamar 2004)
1988 Leptomicrurus collaris breviventris Roze & Bernal-Carlo
Micrurus collaris breviventris David, Dobiey & Vogel 2018

Other common names:
breviventris: Short Black-backed Coral Snake
collaris: Long Black-backed Coral Snake
Distribution: Brazil (Amapa, Amazonas, Para), French Guiana, Guyana, Surinam, Venezuela.

Leptomicrurus narduccii

Andean Black-backed Coral Snake, Andean Slender Coral Snake


Sortrygget Andes-koralslange

1863 Elaps narduccii Jan
Micrurus narduccii Amaral 1925
Leptomicrurus narduccii Schmidt 1936
1881 Elaps melanotus Peters
Leptomicrurus narduccii melanotus Roze & Bernard-Carlo 1987
Micrurus narduccii melanotus David, Dobiey & Vogel 2018

Other common names:
melanotus: Northwestern Black-backed Coral Snake, Slender Black Coral Snake, Black-headed Slender Coral Snake
narduccii: Bolivian Black Coral Snake
Distribution: Bolivia, Brazil (Acre, Amazonas), Colombia, Ecuador, Peru.

Leptomicrurus renjifoi

Ringed Black-backed Coral Snake, Ringed Slender Coral Snake


Sortrygget Ring-koralslange

2003 Leptomicrurus renjifoi Lamar
Micrurus renjifoi David, Dobiey & Vogel 2018

Distribution: Colombia.

Leptomicrurus scutiventris

Pygmy Black-backed Coral Snake, Pygmy Black Coral Snake, Pygmy Slender Coral Snake, Little Black Coral Snake

Kleine Schlank-Korallenotter

Sortrygget Dværg-koralslange

1869 Elaps scutiventris Cope
Leptomicrurus scutiventris Roze & Bernal-Carlo 1988
Micrurus scutiventris Golay & al. 1993
1966 Leptomicrurus Schmidti Hoge & Romano [not Micrurus schmidti Dunn 1940] (Campbell & Lamar 2004)
1972 Micrurus karlschmidti Romano “1971” (substitute name for Leptomicrurus schmidti Hoge & Romano 1966]

Distribution: Brazil (Amazonas, Roraima), Colombia, Ecuador, Peru.