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Taxonomy of the family Scincidae
Bibliography of the genus Leptosiaphos
Biodiversity of the family Scincidae


Slender Leaf-litter Skinks

Grazile Streuskinke*

Slanke Førneskinker*

1943 Leptosiaphos Schmidt (type species: Lygosoma meleagris Boulenger 1907)
1989 Perretia Broadley (type species: Leptosiaphos rhomboidalis Broadley 1989; syn. Broadley 1989)
Contents: 18 species, of which 9 (50.0%) are endemic.
Remarks: Previously regarded as a synonym or subgenus of Panaspis. Raised to full generic status by Broadley (1989). Previously included Lacertaspis, Afroablepharus africanus, and A. annobonensis.
Distribution: Angola, Cameroon, Congo-Kinshasa, Equatorial Guinea (Bioko), Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda.

Leptosiaphos aloysiisabaudiae

Uganda Five-toed Skink, (Peracca's Skink)



1907 Lygosoma aloysii-sabaudiae Peracca
Leptosiaphos aloysii-sabaudiae Schmidt 1943
Panaspis aloysii-sabaudiae Greer 1974
Leptosiaphos aloysiisabaudiae Broadley 1989
1943 Lygosoma weberi Schmidt (Perret 1982)

Remarks: Previously regarded as a synonym of kilimensis (e.g., Loveridge 1957).
Distribution: Cameroon, Congo-Kinshasa, Nigeria, South Sudan, Uganda.

Leptosiaphos amieti

Mount Kala Leaf-litter Skink*, (Amiet's Mountain Skink)



1973 Panaspis amieti Perret
Leptosiaphos amieti Broadley 1989*

Distribution: Cameroon.

Leptosiaphos blochmanni

Kivu Three-toed Skink

Dreizehiger Streuskink*

Tretået Kivu-førneskink*

1903 Lygosoma blochmanni Tornier
Leptosiaphos blochmanni Schmidt 1943
Panaspis blochmanni Greer 1974

Distribution: Congo-Kinshasa, Rwanda.

Leptosiaphos dewittei

Congolese Leaf-litter Skink*

Kongolesischer Streuskink*

Congolesisk Førneskink*

1933 Lygosoma compressicauda Witte [not Lygosoma compressicauda Werner 1897]
1934 Siaphos dewittei Loveridge [substitute name for Lygosoma compressicauda De Witte 1933]
Panaspis dewittei Perret 1975
Leptosiaphos dewittei Broadley 1989

Remarks: Previously regarded as a synonym of kilimensis (e.g., Witte 1953; Loveridge 1957), of which it may be a dwarfed western race (Broadley 1989).
Distribution: Angola, Congo-Kinshasa.

Leptosiaphos dungeri

Nigerian Leaf-litter Skink*, (Dunger's Four-fingered Skink)

Nigerianischer Streuskink*

Nigeriansk Førneskink*

2012 Leptosiaphos dungeri Trape in Trape, Trape & Chirio

Distribution: Cameroon, Nigeria.

Leptosiaphos fuhni

East Cameroon Leaf-litter Skink*, (Fuhn's Skink)

Ostkamerunischer Streuskink*

Østcamerounsk Førneskink*

1973 Panaspis fuhni Perret
Leptosiaphos fuhni Broadley 1989*

Distribution: Cameroon.

Leptosiaphos graueri

Rwanda Five-toed Skink



1912 Lygosoma graueri Sternfeld
Leptosiaphos graueri Schmidt 1943
Panaspis graueri Greer 1974
1912 Lygosoma graueri quattuordigitata Sternfeld (Perret 1982)
Panaspis quattuordigitata Greer 1974
1912 Lygosoma graueri quinquedigitata Sternfeld (Perret 1982)

Distribution: Congo-Kinshasa, Rwanda, Uganda.

Leptosiaphos hackarsi

Virunga Four-toed Skink



1941 Lygosoma hackarsi Witte
Leptosiaphos meleagris hackarsi Laurent 1954
Panaspis hackarsi Perret 1975
Leptosiaphos hackarsi Broadley 1989

Distribution: Congo-Kinshasa, Rwanda, Uganda.

Leptosiaphos hylophilus

Mabali Leaf-litter Skink*



1982 Leptosiaphos hylophilus Laurent

Distribution: Congo-Kinshasa.

Leptosiaphos ianthinoxantha

Yellow-and-Violet-bellied Mountain Skink

Gelb-violet-bäuchiger Streuskink*

Gul-violet-buget Førneskink*

1975 Panaspis ianthinoxantha Böhme
Leptosiaphos ianthinoxantha Broadley 1989*

Distribution: Cameroon.

Leptosiaphos kilimensis

Kilimanjaro Five-toed Skink, Four-fingered Skink



1891 Lygosoma kilimensis Stejneger
Leptosiaphos kilimensis Schmidt 1943
Panaspis kilimensis Greer 1974
1900 Lygosoma clathrotis Boulenger (Perret 1975)
1903 Lygosoma thomasi Tornier (Perret 1982)
1911 Lygosoma kutuensis Lönnberg (Perret 1975)
1925 Lygosoma gromieri Angel (Perret 1982)

Other common names:
kutuensis: Kenyan Five-toed Skink
Remarks: Previously included aloysiisabaudiae and dewittei (e.g., Witte 1953; Loveridge 1957). Records of kilimensis from Angola (e.g., Loveridge 1957), Congo-Kinshasa, Sudan, and Uganda refer to these species (Broadley 1989). Records from Nigeria refer to dungeri (Trape, Trape & Chirio 2012).
Distribution: Kenya, South Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda.

Leptosiaphos koutoui

Adamaoua Mountains Leaf-litter Skink*, (Koutou's Mountain Skink)



2004 Leptosiaphos koutoui Ineich, Schmitz, Chirio & LeBreton

Distribution: Cameroon.

Leptosiaphos luberoensis

Lubero Leaf-litter Skink*



1933 Lygosoma luberoensis Witte
Leptosiaphos luberoensis Schmidt 1943
Panaspis luberoensis Greer 1974

Distribution: Congo-Kinshasa.

Leptosiaphos meleagris

Ruwenzori Four-toed Skink



1907 Lygosoma meleagris Boulenger
Leptosiaphos meleagris Schmidt 1943
Panaspis meleagris Greer 1974
1932 Siaphos meleagris helleri Loveridge (Loveridge 1957)
Panaspis helleri Ineich 2010
1933 Lygosoma burgeoni Witte (Perret 1982)

Remarks: Ineich (2010) treated helleri as a separate species, but without discussion. Spawls, Howell, Hinkel & Menegon (2018) did not consider it a valid species.
Distribution: Congo-Kinshasa, Uganda.

Leptosiaphos pauliani

Red-sided Leaf-litter Skink*, (Paulian's Mountain Skink)

Rotseitiger Streuskink*

Rødsidet Førneskink*

1940 Lygosoma pauliani Angel
Panaspis pauliani Fuhn 1972
Leptosiaphos pauliani Broadley 1989*
1968 Riopa erythropleuron Mertens (Fuhn 1972, Perret 1982)

Distribution: Cameroon.

Leptosiaphos rhodurus

Kivu Leaf-litter Skink*, Red Five-toed Skink

Fünfzehiger Kivu-Streuskink*

Femtået Kivu-førneskink*

1951 Leptosiaphos rhodurus Laurent
Panaspis rhodura Greer 1974
Leptosiaphos rhodurus Broadley 1989
1952 Leptosiaphos rhodurus debruynei Laurent (Perret 1982)

Distribution: Congo-Kinshasa.

Leptosiaphos rhomboidalis

Udzungwa Five-toed Skink



1989 Leptosiaphos rhomboidalis Broadley

Distribution: Tanzania.

Leptosiaphos vigintiserierum

Twenty-lined Mountain Skink

Zwanzigstreifiger Streuskink*

Tyvestribet Førneskink*

1897 Lygosoma vigintiserierum Sjostedt
Sphenomorphus vigintiserius [sic] Mittleman 1952
Riopa vigintiserierum Mertens 1964
Panaspis vigintiserierum Fuhn 1972
Leptosiaphos vigintiserierum Broadley 1989*

Distribution: Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea (Bioko).