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Taxonomy of the family Gekkonidae
Bibliography of the genus Tropiocolotes
Biodiversity of the family Gekkonidae


Afro-Asian Desert Dwarf Geckos*, African Dwarf Geckos, African Pigmy Geckos



1880 Tropiocolotes Peters (type species: Tropiocolotes tripolitanus Peters 1880)
Contents: 12 species, of which 6 (50.0%) are endemic.
Remarks: Previously included Microgecko and Altiphylax levitoni, which had also previously been placed in another separate genus, Asiocolotes, by some authors (e.g., Kluge 2001), along with Microgecko depressus.
Distribution: N., W., and E. Africa, Middle East.
Reported from: Algeria, Chad, Djibouti, Egypt (incl. Sinai), Ethiopia, Iran, Israel, Jordan, Libya, Mali, Mauritania, Morocco, Niger, Nigeria, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Tunisia, Western Sahara, Yemen.

Tropiocolotes algericus

Algerian Dwarf Gecko, Algerian Gecko

Algerischer Zwerggecko*

Algiersk Ørkendværggekko*

1947 Tropiocolotes tripolitanus algericus Loveridge
Tropiocolotes algericus Baha el Din 2001

Distribution: Algeria, Mali, Mauritania, Morocco, Western Sahara.

Tropiocolotes bisharicus

Bishari Dwarf Gecko



2001 Tropiocolotes bisharicus Baha el Din

Distribution: Egypt.

Tropiocolotes confusus

Oman Dwarf Gecko*



2018 Tropiocolotes confusus Machado, Smid, Mazuch, Sindaco, Al Shukaili & Carranza

Remarks: Previously regarded as a population of scorteccii (Machado, Smid, Mazuch, Sindaco, Al Shukaili & Carranza 2018).
Distribution: Oman.

Tropiocolotes hormozganensis

Hormozgan Dwarf Gecko*



2018 Tropiocolotes hormozganensis Rajabizadeh, Faizi, Anderson, Zarrintab & Nazarov

Remarks: Two specimens have been reported (as steudneri or "cf. steudneri") from Queshm Island (e.g., Kamali & Dakhteh 2006), which could refer to hormozganensis, however, these specimens are apparently lost (Rajabizadeh, Faizi, Anderson, Zarrintab & Nazarov 2018). Consequently, the presence of hormozganensis in Queshm Island is unconfirmed.
Distribution: Iran.

Tropiocolotes nattereri

Sinai Dwarf Gecko*, (Natterer's Dwarf Gecko, Sand Gecko)



1901 Tropiocolotes nattereri Steindachner
Tropiocolotes steudneri nattereri Hoofien 1972

Remarks: Previously regarded as a synonym of steudneri (e.g., Arnold 1977, 1986; Kluge 1993) or a subspecies of same (Hoofien 1972), but this was questioned by several authors (e.g., Werner 1982, 1983; Baha El Din 1994). Validity confirmed by Shifman, Shacham & Werner (1999). All records of the genus Tropiocolotes from Israel, Jordan, NW. Saudi Arabia, and Sinai refer to nattereri. A single record from Libya (Schnurrenberger 1962) refers to steudneri (Bauer, DeBoer & Taylor 2017), and although there is also a single report from the African part of Egypt, there is no solid evidence that the species occurs in Africa (Shifman, Shacham & Werner 1999; Disi, Modry, Necas & Rifai 2001; Baha el Din 1994, 2006).
Distribution: Egypt (Sinai), Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia.

Tropiocolotes naybandensis

Nayband Dwarf Gecko*



2013 Tropiocolotes naybandensis Krause, Ahmadzadeh, Moazeni, Wagner & Wilms

Distribution: Iran.

Tropiocolotes nubicus

Nubian Dwarf Gecko

Nubischer Zwerggecko

Nubisk Ørkendværggekko*

1999 Tropiocolotes nubicus Baha el Din

Remarks: Possibly present in the Sudan.
Distribution: Egypt.

Tropiocolotes scorteccii

Yemen Dwarf Gecko*, (Scortecci's Dwarf Gecko)


Yemenitisk Ørkendværggekko*

1963 Tropiocolotes scorteccii Cherchi & Spano

Remarks: Not mentioned for Saudi Arabia by Aloufi, Amr, Baker & Hamidan (2019).
Distribution: Oman, Saudi Arabia, Yemen.

Tropiocolotes somalicus

Somali Dwarf Gecko*, (Parker's Pygmy Gecko)

Somalischer Zwerggecko

Somalisk Ørkendværggekko*

1942 Tropiocolotes somalicus Parker
Tropiocolotes tripolitanus somalicus Loveridge 1947

Remarks: Revalidated as a separate species by Baha el Din (2001). A record of somalicus from Egypt (Baha el Din 1998) refer to bisharicus (Baha el Din 2001).
Distribution: Djibouti, Ethiopia, Somalia.

Tropiocolotes steudneri

Sudan Desert Dwarf Gecko*, (Steudner's Dwarf Gecko, Algerian Dwarf Gecko)

Sudanischer Zwerggecko*, Steudners Zwerggecko

Sudansk Ørkendværggekko*

1869 Gymnodactylus steudneri Peters
Stenodactylus steudneri Boulenger 1887
Tropiocolotes steudneri Boulenger 1891
1885 Stenodactylus petersii Boulenger (Szczerbak & Golubev 1996)

Remarks: Records from Iran (e.g., Guibe 1966; Anderson 1999) refer to naybandensis, hormozganensis, or are of uncertain taxonomic status (Krause, Ahmadzadeh, Moazeni, Wagner & Wilms 2013; Rajabizadeh, Faizi, Anderson, Zarrintab & Nazarov 2018). Records from Israel are erroneous (Werner 2016). Records from central Saudi Arabia (Kordges 1998 [as "cf. steudneri"]) refer to wolfgangboehmei (Wilms, Shobrak & Wagner 2010).
Distribution: Algeria, Chad, Egypt (incl. Sinai), Libya, Mauritania, Niger, Sudan.

Tropiocolotes tripolitanus

Tripoli Dwarf Gecko, Tripoli Gecko

Tripolitanischer Zwerggecko

Libysk Ørkendværggekko*

1880 Tropiocolotes tripolitanus Peters
Stenodactylus tripolitanus Boulenger 1885
1942 Tropiocolotes occidentalis Parker (Szczerbak & Golubev 1996)
Tropiocolotes tripolitanus occidentalis Loveridge 1947
1969 Tropiocolotes tripolitanus apoklomax Papenfuss

Other common names:
occidentalis: Singing Gecko
Distribution: Algeria, Chad, Egypt, Libya, Mali, Mauritania, Morocco, Niger, Nigeria, Tunisia, Western Sahara.

Tropiocolotes wolfgangboehmei

Saudi Arabian Dwarf Gecko*

Arabischer Zwerggecko*

Saudiarabisk Ørkendværggekko*

2010 Tropiocolotes wolfgangboehmei Wilms, Shobrak & Wagner

Distribution: Saudi Arabia.