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Taxonomy of the family Gekkonidae
Bibliography of the genus Cyrtopodion
Biodiversity of the family Gekkonidae


Palearctic Bent-toed Geckos*, (Thin-toed Geckos, Naked-toed Geckos, Bowfoot Geckos)

Paläarktische Bogenfingergeckos

Palæarktiske Buefingergekkoer*

1843 Cyrtopodion Fitzinger (type species: Stenodactylus scaber Heyden 1827)
1868 Dinosaura Gistel (type species: Stenodactylus scaber Heyden 1827; syn. Böhme 1985)
1984 Mesodactylus Szczerbak & Golubev (type species: Gymnodactylus kachhensis Stoliczka 1872; syn. Böhme 1985)
2003 Indogekko Khan (type species: Cyrtodactylus indusoani Khan 1988; syn. Krysko, Rehman & Auffenberg 2007)
Contents: 23 species, of which 18 (78.3%) are endemic.
Other common names:
Indogekko: Stone Geckos
Remarks: Previously included Mediodactylus and Tenuidactylus, now considered valid genera. Formerly, also included Siwaligekko, now included in Cyrtodactylus. The genus Cyrtopodion itself was previously included in Gymnodactylus (e.g., Wermuth 1965) and, more recently, in Cyrtodactylus (e.g., Kluge 1983). Validity as a separate genus recommended by Macey, Ananjeva, Wang & Papenfuss (2000) and confirmed by Bauer, Masroor, Titus-McQuillan, Heinicke, Daza & Jackman (2013). One species (spinicauda) was previously placed in Alsophylax, and another (agamuroides) in Agamura. Khan (2000, 2002) recognized Mesodactylus as a valid genus.
Distribution: NE. Africa, Middle East, S. Asia.
Reported from: Afghanistan, Bahrain, Egypt (incl. Sinai), Eritrea, Ethiopia, India (Delhi, Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, Rajasthan), Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Yemen.

Cyrtopodion agamuroides

Makran Spider Gecko, Agamuroid Thin-toed Gecko, (Nikolsky's Rock Gecko, Nikolsky's Spider Gecko)



1900 Gymnodactylus agamuroides Nikolsky
Cyrtodactylus agamuroides Anderson 1963
Agamura agamuroides Minton 1966
Tenuidactylus agamuroides Szczerbak & Golubev 1984
Cyrtopodion agamuroides Böhme 1985

Remarks: Szczerbak & Golubev (1996) claimed that records from Pakistan were based on misidentifications, however, the species has been listed for the country by many, including subsequent, works (e.g., Minton 1966; Mertens 1969; Anderson 1999; Khan 2006; Sindaco & Jeremchenko 2008). Previously included gastrophole (e.g., Wettstein 1951; Wermuth 1965).
Distribution: Iran, Pakistan.

Cyrtopodion aravallense

Aravalli Hills Bent-toed Gecko*



1997 Cyrtodactylus aravallensis Gill

Distribution: India (Delhi).

Cyrtopodion baigii

Karakoram Bent-toed Gecko*, (Baig's Tuberculated Gecko)



2008 Cyrtopodion baigii Masroor

Distribution: Pakistan.

Cyrtopodion belaense

Las Bela Bent-toed Gecko*, Bela Thin-toed Gecko


Las Bela-buefingergekko*

2011 Cyrtopodion belaense Nazarov, Ananjeva & Papenfuss

Distribution: Pakistan.

Cyrtopodion brevipes

Aptan Bent-toed Gecko*



1874 Gymnodactylus brevipes Blanford
Cyrtodactylus brevipes Anderson 1963
Cyrtopodion brevipes Böhme 1985
Mediodactylus brevipes Kluge 1991

Remarks: Status uncertain. Szczerbak & Golubev (1996) suggested that brevipes may be a synonym of kachhensis or scaber.
Distribution: Iran.

Cyrtopodion fortmunroi

Fort Munro Sandstone Gecko


Fort Munro-buefingergekko*

1993 Tenuidactylus fortmunroi Khan
Indogekko fortmunroi Khan 2003
Cyrtopodion fortmunroi Krysko, Rehman & Auffenberg 2007*

Distribution: Pakistan.

Cyrtopodion gastrophole

Farsian Spider Gecko

Farsische Spinnengekko*

Farsisk Edderkopgekko*

1917 Gymnodactylus gastropholis Werner
Cyrtodactylus gastropholis Anderson 1968
Agamura gastropholis Szczerbak & Golubev 1986
Cyrtopodion gastropholis Leviton, Anderson, Adler & Minton 1992

Remarks: Previously regarded as a synonym of Cyrtopodion agamuroides (e.g., Wettstein 1951; Wermuth 1965). Revalidated as a separate species by Anderson (1968).
Distribution: Iran.

Cyrtopodion golubevi

Southeast Persian Bent-toed Gecko*

Südostpersischer Bogenfingergecko*

Sydøstpersisk Buefingergekko*

2009 Cyrtopodion golubevi Nazarov, Ananjeva & Radjabizadeh

Distribution: Iran.

Cyrtopodion hormozganum

Hormozgan Bent-toed Gecko*



2012 Cyrtopodion hormozganum Nazarov, Bondarenko & Radjabizadeh

Distribution: Iran.

Cyrtopodion indusoani

Indus Bent-toed Gecko*, Indus Thin-toed Gecko, Soan Gecko



1988 Cyrtodactylus indusoani Khan
Gonydactylus indusoani Kluge 1991
Tenuidactylus indusoani Khan 1992
Indogekko indusoani Khan 2003
Cyrtopodion indusoani Krysko, Rehman & Auffenberg 2007*

Distribution: Pakistan.

Cyrtopodion kachhense

Cutch Thin-toed Gecko, Kachhi Thin-toed Gecko, Kachh Spotted Ground Gecko, Kachh Gecko, Warty Rock Gecko, Cutch Warty Rock Gecko



1872 Gymnodactylus kachhensis Stoliczka
Cyrtodactylus kachensis [sic] Underwood 1954
Tenuidactylus kachhensis Szczerbak & Golubev 1984
Cyrtopodion kachhensis Böhme 1985
1884 Gymnodactylus petrensis Murray (Szczerbak & Golubev 1996)
1923 Gymnodactylus ingoldbyi Procter (Khan 1997)
Cyrtopodion kachhense ingoldbyi Khan 2003

Other common names:
ingoldbyi: Western Rock Gecko, (Ingoldby's Rock Gecko)
Remarks: The subspecies ingoldbyi was previously regarded as a synonym of watsoni (e.g., Szczerbak & Golubev 1996), but transferred to kachhensis by Khan (1997). Presence in Iran is regarded as doubtful (Sindaco & Jeremchenko 2008; Smíd, Moravec, Kodym, Kratochvíl, Yousefkhani, Rastegar-Pouyani & Frynta 2014; Safaei-Mahroo & al. 2015).
Distribution: India (Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir), Pakistan.

Cyrtopodion kiabii

Bushehr Bent-toed Gecko*



2011 Cyrtopodion kiabii Ahmadzadeh, Flecks, Torki & Böhme

Distribution: Iran.

Cyrtopodion kirmanense

Kirman Thin-toed Gecko



1900 Gymnodactylus kirmanensis Nikolsky
Cyrtodactylus kirmanensis Anderson 1963
Tenuidactylus kirmanensis Szczerbak & Golubev 1984
Gonydactylus kirmanensis Kluge 1991
Cyrtopodion kirmanense Anderson 1999
Mediodactylus kirmanense Nazarov, Ananjeva & Papenfuss 2011

Distribution: Iran.

Cyrtopodion kohsulaimani

Sulaiman Range Gecko, Koh Sulaiman Thin-toed Gecko



1991 Tenuidactylus kohsulaimani Khan
Cyrtopodion kohsulaimani Khan 2003

Distribution: Pakistan.

Cyrtopodion mansarulum

Jammu Bent-toed Gecko*



1978 Cyrtodactylus mansarulus Duda & Sahi
Gonydactylus mansarulus Kluge 1991
Cyrtopodion mansarulus Bauer 2002

Distribution: India (Jammu & Kashmir).

Cyrtopodion montiumsalsorum

Salt Range Thin-toed Gecko, Salt Range Rock Gecko, Salt Range Ground Gecko, Highland Ground Gecko


Salt Range-buefingergekko*

1913 Gymnodactylus montium-salsorum Annandale
Cyrtodactylus montiumsalsorum Minton 1966
Tenuidactylus montiumsalsorum Szczerbak & Golubev 1984
Cyrtopodion montiumsalsorum Böhme 1985

Distribution: India (Jammu & Kashmir), Pakistan.

Cyrtopodion persepolense

Persepolis Bent-toed Gecko*



2009 Cyrtopodion persepolense Nazarov, Ananjeva & Radjabizadeh

Distribution: Iran.

Cyrtopodion potoharense

Potohar Gecko



2001 Cyrtopodion potoharensis Khan

Distribution: Pakistan.

Cyrtopodion rhodocaudum

Red-tailed Sandstone Gecko, Rosy-tailed Thin-toed Gecko


Rødhalet Buefingergekko*

1998 Tenuidactylus rhodocaudus Baig
Indogekko rhodocaudus Khan 2003
Cyrtopodion rhodocaudum Masroor 2012

Distribution: Pakistan.

Cyrtopodion rohtasfortai

Rohtas Fort Bent-toed Gecko*, Rohtas Fort Thin-toed Gecko



1990 Tenuidactylus rohtasfortai Khan & Tasnim
Gonydactylus rohtasfortai Kluge 1991
Indogekko rohtasfortai Khan 2003
Cyrtopodion rohtasfortai Krysko, Rehman & Auffenberg 2007*

Distribution: Pakistan.

Cyrtopodion scabrum

Keeled Rock Gecko, Rough-skinned Gecko, Rough-scaled Gecko, Rough Bent-toed Gecko, Rough Thin-toed Gecko, Rough-tailed Gecko, Rough-tailed Bowfoot Gecko, Common Tuberculate Ground Gecko

Rauhschuppiger Bogenfingergecko*

Ruskællet Buefingergekko*

1827 Stenodactylus scaber Heyden
Gymnodactylus scaber Duméril & Bibron 1836
Cyrtodactylus scaber Underwood 1954
Tenuidactylus scaber Szczerbak & Golubev 1984
Cyrtopodion scaber Böhme 1985
1982 Cyrtodactylus basoglui Baran & Gruber (Szczerbak & Golubev 1996)

Remarks: Exact native range is unclear. Isolated records along the African Red Sea coast are probably due to introductions (Sindaco, Venchi, Carpaneto & Bologna 2000; Largen & Spawls 2010). In Eritrea, the only record, which most likely represents an introduction, dates back to 1827, and the species has not been recorded since (Largen & Spawls 2010). First recorded in Israel in 1989 (Bouskila 2004).
Introduced to: Eritrea, Israel, USA (Arizona, Texas).
Distribution: Afghanistan, Bahrain, Egypt (incl. Sinai), Eritrea, Ethiopia, India (Gujarat, Jammu & Kashmir, Rajasthan), Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Yemen.

Cyrtopodion sistanense

Nosratabad Bent-toed Gecko*



2007 Cyrtopodion sistanensis Nazarov & Rajabizadeh

Distribution: Iran.

Cyrtopodion watsoni

Pakistani Thin-toed Gecko, Northern Spotted Ground Gecko, Quetta Rock Gecko, (Watson's Rock Gecko)

Pakistanischer Bogenfingergecko*

Pakistansk Buefingergekko*

1892 Gymnodactylus watsoni Murray
Gymnodactylus kachhensis watsoni Smith 1935
Cyrtodactylus watsoni Minton 1966
Tenuidactylus watsoni Szczerbak & Golubev 1984
Cyrtopodion watsoni Böhme 1985

Distribution: Afghanistan, Pakistan.