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Taxonomy of the family Homalopsidae
Bibliography of the genus Bitia
Biodiversity of the family Homalopsidae


Keel-bellied Estuarine Snake


Kølbuget Deltasnog

1842 Bitia Gray (type species: Bitia hydroides Gray 1842)
1849 Hipistes Gray (type species: Hipistes fasciatus Gray 1849; syn. Murphy 2007)
Contents: 1 species, which is not endemic.
Endemism: 0% 100%
Distribution: As for the single species.

Bitia hydroides

Keel-bellied Estuarine Snake, Keel-bellied Water Snake, Keel-bellied Mud Snake


Kølbuget Deltasnog

1842 Bitia hydroides Gray
1847 Homalopsis hydrina Cantor (Murphy 2007)
Hipistes hydrinus Günther 1864
1849 Hipistes fasciatus Gray (Murphy 2007)

Remarks: Present in the past, but not confirmed recently from Singapore (Baker & Lim 2008).
Extinct in: Singapore.
Distribution: Malaysia (West Malaysia), Myanmar, Thailand.