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Latest update: December 31st, 2022.

Taxonomy of the family Chamaeleonidae
Bibliography of the genus Bradypodion
Biodiversity of the family Chamaeleonidae


Southern African Dwarf Chameleons


Sydafrikanske Dværgkamæleoner

1843 Bradypodion Fitzinger (type species: Chamaeleon pumilus Latreille [=Lacerta pumila Gmelin 1789])
1846 Bradypodium Agassiz [substitute name for Bradypodion Fitzinger 1843]
1865 Lophosaura Gray [not Lophosaura Gray 1852 (Reptilia: Iguanidae)] (type species: Lacerta pumila Gmelin 1789; syn. Klaver & Böhme 1997)
1865 Microsaura Gray (type species: Microsaura melanocephala Gray 1865; syn. Klaver & Böhme 1997)
Contents: 20 species, of which 18 (90.0%) are endemic.
Endemism: 0% 100%
Remarks: Previously included in Chamaeleo (e.g., Mertens 1966). Formerly included Rhampholeon spinosus and the species now placed in Kinyongia and Nadzikambia.
Distribution: Eswatini, Mozambique, South Africa (Eastern Cape, Free State, KwaZulu-Natal, Limpopo, Mpumalanga, Northern Cape, Western Cape).

Bradypodion atromontanum

Swartberg Dwarf Chameleon



2006 Bradypodion atromontanum Branch, Tolley & Tilbury

Distribution: South Africa (Western Cape).

Bradypodion barbatulum

Beardless Dwarf Chameleon

Bartloses Zwergchamäleon

Skægløs Dværgkamæleon

2022 Bradypodion barbatulum Tolley, Tilbury & Burger

Distribution: South Africa (Eastern Cape).

Bradypodion baviaanense

Baviaanskloof Mountains Dwarf Chameleon, Baviaans Dwarf Chameleon



2022 Bradypodion baviaanense Tolley, Tilbury & Burger

Distribution: South Africa (Eastern Cape).

Bradypodion caeruleogula

Eshowe Dwarf Chameleon, Umlalazi Dwarf Chameleon



2008 Bradypodion caeruleogula Raw & Brothers

Distribution: South Africa (KwaZulu-Natal).

Bradypodion caffrum

Transkei Dwarf Chameleon, Pondo Dwarf Chameleon



1889 Chamaeleon caffer Boettger
Lophosaura pumila caffer Power 1932
Lophosaura caffer Hewitt 1935
Microsaura caffer Fitzsimons 1943
Chamaeleo pumilus caffer Hillenius 1959
Bradypodion caffrum Raw 1976
Bradypodion pumilum caffer Klaver & Böhme 1997

Distribution: South Africa (Eastern Cape).

Bradypodion damaranum

Knysna Dwarf Chameleon



1887 Chamaeleon damaranus Boulenger
Lophosaura damarana Power 1932
Microsaura damarana Fitzsimons 1943
Chamaeleo pumilus damaranus Hillenius 1959
Bradypodion damaranum Raw 1976
Bradypodion pumilum damaranum Klaver & Böhme 1997

Distribution: South Africa (Eastern Cape, Western Cape).

Bradypodion dracomontanum

Drakensberg Dwarf Chameleon



1976 Bradypodion dracomontanum Raw

Distribution: South Africa (Free State, KwaZulu-Natal).

Bradypodion gutturale

Little Karroo Dwarf Chameleon, Robertson Dwarf Chameleon



1849 Chamaeleo gutturalis Smith
Chamaeleon gutturalis Werner 1911
Lophosaura gutturalis Power 1932
Microsaura gutturalis Fitzsimons 1943
Chamaeleo pumilus gutturalis Hillenius 1959
Bradypodion gutturale Raw 1976

Distribution: South Africa (Northern Cape, Western Cape).

Bradypodion kentanicum

Kentani Dwarf Chameleon, Kentani Grass Chameleon



1935 Lophosaura melanocephala kentanica Hewitt
Bradypodion kentanicum Raw 1976

Remarks: Previously regarded as a synonym of melanocephalum (e.g., Fitzimons 1943; Klaver & Böhme 1997).
Distribution: South Africa (Eastern Cape).

Bradypodion melanocephalum

Black-headed Dwarf Chameleon, Durban Dwarf Chameleon, KwaZulu Dwarf Chameleon


Sorthovedet Dværgkamæleon

1865 Microsaura melanocephala Gray
Chamaeleon melanocephalus Boulenger 1887
Lophosaura melanocephala Power 1932
Chamaeleo pumilus melanocephalus Hillenius 1959
Bradypodion melanocephalum Raw 1976

Distribution: South Africa (Eastern Cape, KwaZulu-Natal).

Bradypodion nemorale

Qudeni Dwarf Chameleon, Zululand Dwarf Chameleon



1978 Bradypodion nemorale Raw
2008 Bradypodion nkandlae Raw & Brothers (Tilbury & Tolley 2009)

Distribution: South Africa (KwaZulu-Natal).

Bradypodion ngomeense

Ngome Dwarf Chameleon



2009 Bradypodion ngomeense Tilbury & Tolley

Distribution: South Africa (KwaZulu-Natal).

Bradypodion occidentale

Namaqua Dwarf Chameleon, Western Dwarf Chameleon



1935 Lophosaura ventralis occidentalis Hewitt
Microsaura ventralis occidentalis Fitzsimons 1943
Chamaeleo ventralis occidentalis Mertens 1955
Chamaeleo pumilus occidentalis Hillenius 1959
Bradypodion occidentale Raw 1976
Bradypodion ventralis occidentalis Visser 1979
Bradypodion pumilum occidentale Klaver & Böhme 1997

Remarks: Introduced populations have been reported from Namibia, but not reconfirmed in recent years (Griffin 2003; Glaw 2015).
Introduced to: Namibia.
Distribution: South Africa (Northern Cape, Western Cape).

Bradypodion pumilum

Western Cape Dwarf Chameleon, (Cape Dwarf Chameleon)

Buntes Zwergchamäleon

Vestlig Kap-dværgkamæleon

1789 Lacerta pumila Gmelin
Chamaeleo pumilus Daudin 1802
Bradypodion pumila Fitzinger 1843
Lophosaura pumila Gray 1865
Microsaura pumila Fitzsimons 1943
Chamaeleon pumilus Werner 1911
1768 ? Chamaeleo bonae spei Laurenti (Klaver & Böhme 1997)
1807 Chamaeleo thermophilus Gravenhorst (Klaver & Böhme 1997)
1820 Chamaeleon margaritaceus Merrem (Duméril & Bibron 1836; Klaver & Böhme 1997)
1843 Chamaeleon tunicatus Fitzinger [nomen nudum] (Klaver & Böhme 1997)
1865 Lophosaura pumila var. fordii Gray (Boulenger 1887; Klaver & Böhme 1997)

Remarks: Introduced populations have been reported from Namibia, but not reconfirmed in recent years (Griffin 2003; Tilbury 2010; Glaw 2015).
Introduced to: Namibia.
Distribution: South Africa (Western Cape).

Bradypodion setaroi

St. Lucia Dwarf Chameleon, (Setaro's Dwarf Chameleon)

St. Lucia-Zwergchamäleon

St. Lucia-dværgkamæleon

1976 Bradypodion setaroi Raw
Chamaeleo pumilus setaroi Hofman, Maxson & Arntzen 1991

Distribution: Mozambique, South Africa (KwaZulu-Natal).

Bradypodion taeniabronchum

Elandsberg Dwarf Chameleon, (Smith's Dwarf Chameleon)



1831 Chamaeleo taeniabronchus Smith
Chamaeleon taeniobronchus Boulenger 1887 [substitute name for Chaemelio taeniabronchus Smith 1831]
Lophosaura pumila taeniabroncha Power 1932
Lophosaura taeniabroncha Hewitt 1935
Chamaeleo pumilus taeniabronchus Hillenius 1959
Bradypodion taeniabronchum Raw 1976
Bradypodion pumilum taeniabronchum Klaver & Böhme 1997

Distribution: South Africa (Eastern Cape).

Bradypodion thamnobates

Natal Midlands Dwarf Chameleon



1976 Bradypodion thamnobates Raw
Chamaeleo pumilus thamnobates Hofman, Maxson & Arntzen 1991

Distribution: South Africa (KwaZulu-Natal).

Bradypodion transvaalense

Transvaal Dwarf Chameleon, Wolkberg Dwarf Chameleon, Northern Dwarf Chameleon



1930 Chamaeleon transvaalensis Fitzsimons
Microsaura pumila transvaalensis Fitzsimons 1943
Chamaeleo pumilus transvaalensis Hillenius 1959
Bradypodion transvaalense Raw 1976
Bradypodion pumilum transvaalense Klaver & Böhme 1997

Distribution: Eswatini, South Africa (Limpopo, Mpumalanga).

Bradypodion ventrale

Eastern Cape Dwarf Chameleon, Southern Dwarf Chameleon


Østlig Kap-dværgkamæleon

1845 Chamaeleo ventralis Gray
Lophosara ventralis Gray 1865
Chamaeleon ventralis Werner 1911
Microsaura ventralis Fitzsimons 1943
Chamaeleo pumilus ventralis Hillenius 1959
Bradypodion ventrale Raw 1976
Bradypodion pumilum ventrale Klaver & Böhme 1997
1915 Lophosaura ventralis karrooica Methuen & Hewitt (Branch, Tolley & Tilbury 2006)
Microsaura ventralis karroica [sic] Fitzsimons 1943
Chamaeleo pumilus karrooicus Hillenius 1959
Bradypodion karroicum [sic] Raw 1976
Bradypodion ventralis karrooicum Raw 1992
Bradypodion pumilum karrooicum Klaver & Böhme 1997

Other common names:
karrooicum: Karoo Dwarf Chameleon
Remarks: Records from Gauteng and some from the Northern Cape and the Free State probably represent translocations (Bates, Branch, Bauer, Burger, Marais, Alexander & Villiers [eds.] 2014).
Introduced to: South Africa (Free State, Gauteng).
Distribution: South Africa (Eastern Cape, Northern Cape, Western Cape).

Bradypodion venustum

Grootvadersbosch Dwarf Chameleon



2022 Bradypodion venustum Tolley, Tilbury & Burger

Distribution: South Africa (Western Cape).