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Latest update: December 31st, 2022.

Taxonomy of the family Boidae
Bibliography of the genus Calabaria
Biodiversity of the family Boidae


Calabar Boa

Erdboa, (Erdpython)

Vestafrikansk Jordboa

1858 Calabaria Gray (type species: Calabaria fusca Gray 1858)
1858 Rhoptrura Peters (type species: Eryx reinhardtii Schlegel 1851)
Contents: 1 species, which is not endemic.
Endemism: 0% 100%
Remarks: Kluge (1993a) regarded Calabaria as a synonym of the New World genus Charina, but Vidal & David (2004) showed that Calabaria is genetically distant from the American species of the genus Charina and consequently revalidated the genus Calabaria. Furthermore, they placed it in a separate family, Calabariidae Vidal & David 2004 (this family name was already proposed by Dowling & Jenner 1988). Some other authors have also recognized Calabariidae as a separate family (e.g., Wiens, Hutter, Mulcahy, Noonan, Townsend, Sites & Reeder 2012; Pyron, Reynolds & Burbrink 2014).
Distribution: As for the single species.

Calabaria reinhardtii

Calabar Boa, Calabar Sand Boa, (West African Burrowing Python, Calabar Ground Python)

Erdboa, (Erdpython)

Vestafrikansk Jordboa, Vestafrikansk Gravende Boa, (Gravende Pyton)

1851 Eryx reinhardtii Schlegel
Rhoptrura reinhardtii Peters 1861
Calabaria reinhardti Boulenger 1893
Charina reinhardtii Kluge 1993
1858 Calabaria fusca Gray (Stimson 1969)
1884 Rhoptrura petiti Sauvage (Stimson 1969)

Remarks: Angola is included in the distribution based on Frade (1963) and Marques, Ceríaco, Blackburn & Bauer (2018), who both listed a locality in Cabinda. However, Branch (2018) stated that the species is unknown from the country.
Distribution: Angola (Cabinda), Benin, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Congo-Brazzaville, Congo-Kinshasa, Equatorial Guinea (Bioko, Rio Muni), Gabon, Ghana, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Togo.