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Taxonomy of the family Homalopsidae
Bibliography of the genus Cantoria
Biodiversity of the family Homalopsidae


Yellow-banded Mangrove Snake


GulbŚndet Mangrovesnog

1858 Cantoria Girard (type species: Cantoria violacea Girard 1857)
1859 Hydrodipsas Peters (type species: Hydrodipsas elapiformis Peters 1859; syn. Murphy 2007)
Contents: 1 species, which is not endemic.
Endemism: 0% 100%
Remarks: Previously included Djokoiskandarus annulatus.
Distribution: As for the single species.

Cantoria violacea

Yellow-banded Mangrove Snake, Yellow-banded Swamp Snake, (Cantor's Mangrove Snake, Cantor's Water Snake)


GulbŚndet Mangrovesnog

1857 Cantoria violacea Girard
1859 Hydrodipsas elapiformis Peters (Murphy 2007)
Hemiodonotus elapiformis Jan 1863
Cantoria elapiformis GŁnther 1868
1864 Cantoria elongata GŁnther (Murphy 2007)
1870 Cantoria dayana Stoliczka (Murphy 2007)

Remarks: Records from Sumatra are doubtful (Murphy 2007). There is a single, 19th century record from Borneo (Sarawak) (Stuebing, Inger & Lardner 2014), but presence there today needs confirmation. Reports from Kalimantan (e.g., Iskandar & Colijn 2001; Lang 2011) are considered questionable herein. Murphy (2007) questioned the presence of violacea in Timor. It was reported from East Timor by Portuguese explorers, but the specimens collected in the island were lost in a fire, hence a confirmation would be welcomed, although still assumed to be present in the island, following Lang (2011).
Distribution: East Timor, India (Andaman Islands), Malaysia (West Malaysia), Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand.