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Taxonomy of the family Anguidae
Bibliography of the genus Mesaspis
Biodiversity of the family Anguidae


Middle American Alligator Lizards, Highland Alligator Lizards


Centralamerikanske Alligatorøgler*

1878 Mesaspis Cope (type species: Gerrhonotus moreleti Bocourt 1871)
Contents: 7 species, of which 5 (71.4%) are endemic.
Remarks: Previously included in Gerrhonotus, and more recently, Barisia (se remarks under Gerrhonotus).
Distribution: Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico (Chiapas, Guerrero, Oaxaca, Veracruz), Nicaragua, Panama.

Mesaspis antauges

Mount Orizaba Alligator Lizard



1866 Barissia antauges Cope
Gerrhonotus antauges Boulenger 1885
Mesaspis antauges Liner 1994
1878 Pterogasterus modestus Cope (Good 1988; Solano-Zavaleta, Luz & Clause 2017)
Barisia modesta Waddick & Smith 1974

Distribution: Mexico (Veracruz).

Mesaspis cuchumatanus

Cuchumatanes Alligator Lizard



2016 Mesaspis cuchumatanus Solano-Zavaleta, Nieto-Montes de Oca & Campbell

Distribution: Guatemala.

Mesaspis gadovii

Omilteme Alligator Lizard*, (Gadow's Alligator Lizard)



1913 Gerrhonotus gadovii Boulenger
Barisia gadovii Tihen 1949
Mesaspis gadovii Liner 1994
1949 Barisia gadovii levigata Tihen
Gerrhonotus gadovii levigata Wermuth 1969
Mesaspis gadovii levigata Liner 1994

Other common names:
gadovii: Common Gadow's Alligator Lizard
levigata: Smooth Alligator Lizard
Distribution: Mexico (Guerrero, Oaxaca).

Mesaspis juarezi

Sierra Juarez Alligator Lizard



1987 Barisia juarezi Karges & Wright
Mesaspis juarezi Liner 1994

Distribution: Mexico (Oaxaca).

Mesaspis monticola

Pico Blanco Alligator Lizard*

Pico Blanco-Alligatorschleiche*

Pico Blanco-alligatorøgle*

1877 Gerrhonotus monticolus Cope
Barisia monticola Tihen 1949
Mesaspis monticola Villa, Wilson & Johnson 1988
1907 Gerrhonotus alfaroi Stejneger (Taylor 1956)

Distribution: Costa Rica, Panama.

Mesaspis moreletii

Peten Alligator Lizard*, (Morelet's Alligator Lizard)



1871 Gerrhonotus moreletii Bocourt
Barisia moreleti Tihen 1949
Mesaspis moreleti Villa, Wilson & Johnson 1988
1872 Gerrhonotus fulvus Bocourt (Wermuth 1969)
Gerrhonotus moreletii fulvus Stuart 1943
Barisia moreleti fulva Tihen 1949
Mesaspis moreleti fulvus Good, Bauer & Günther 1993
1928 Gerrhonotus salvadorensis Schmidt (Wermuth 1969)
Gerrhonotus moreletii salvadorensis Dunn & Emlen 1932
Barisia moreleti salvadorensis Tihen 1949
1946 Gerrhonotus moreleti rafaeli Hartweg & Tihen
Barisia moreleti rafaeli Tihen 1949
Mesaspis moreleti rafaeli Liner 1994
1946 Gerrhonotus moreleti temporalis Hartweg & Tihen
Barisia moreleti temporalis Tihen 1949
Mesaspis moreleti temporalis Liner 1994

Other common names:
rafaeli: Rafael's Alligator Lizard
temporalis: Temporal Alligator Lizard
Remarks: Solano-Zavaleta & Nieto-Montes de Oca (2018) suggested that moreletii contains six evolutionary independent lineages, including four of the currently recognized subspecies (moreletii, rafaeli, salvadorensis, temporalis) and two unnamed lineages in Honduras and Nicaragua, respectively. However, the authors did not formally recognize these lineages as separate evolutionary species, pending further studies to support their results.
Distribution: El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico (Chiapas), Nicaragua.

Mesaspis viridiflava

Dwarf Alligator Lizard

Gelbgrüne Alligatorschleiche*

Gulgrøn Alligatorøgle*

1873 Gerrhonotus viridiflavus Bocourt
Barisia viridiflava Tihen 1949
Mesaspis viridiflava Liner 1994
1876 Gerrhonotus bocourti Peters (Smith & Taylor 1950)
1885 Gerrhonotus obscurus Günther (Smith & Taylor 1950)

Distribution: Mexico (Oaxaca).