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© Rune Midtgaard

Taxonomy of the family Scincidae
Bibliography of the genus Ophiomorus
Biodiversity of the family Scincidae


South West Asian Snake Skinks, (Sand Swimmers, Legless Skinks)

Westpaläarktische Schlangenskinke

Vestpalæarktiske Slangeskinker

1839 Ophiomorus Dumeril & Bibron (type species: Ophiomorus miliaris Dumeril & Bibron 1839)
1853 Sphenocephalus Blyth [not Sphenocephalus Agassiz 1838; not Sphenocephalus Fitzinger 1843] (type species: Sphenocephalus tridactylus Blyth 1853; syn. Anderson & Leviton 1966)
1867 Hemipodion Steindachner (type species: Hemipodium persicum Steindachner 1867; syn. Anderson & Leviton 1966)
1874 Zygnopsis Blanford (type species: Zygnopsis brevipes Blanford 1874; syn. Anderson & Leviton 1966)
1875 Sphenoscincus Peters [substitute name for Sphenocephalus Blyth 1853] (Anderson & Leviton 1966)
1879 Zygnidopsis Blanford [substitute name for Zygnopsis Blanford 1874] (Anderson & Leviton 1966)
Contents: 12 species, of which 6 (50.0%) are endemic.
Endemism: 0% 100%
Distribution: Middle East, SW. Asia.
Reported from: Afghanistan, Greece, India (Gujarat, Punjab, Rajasthan), Iran, Israel, Jordan, Pakistan, Syria, Turkey, Turkmenistan.

Ophiomorus blanfordii

Makran Snake Skink



1887 Ophiomorus blanfordii Boulenger

Distribution: Iran, Pakistan.

Ophiomorus brevipes

Four-fingered Snake Skink, Short-legged Snake Skink

Vierzehiger Schlangenskink

Firtået Slangeskink

1874 Zygnopsis brevipes Blanford
Ophiomorus brevipes Boulenger 1887

Distribution: Iran, Pakistan.

Ophiomorus chernovi

Turkmen Snake Skink, (Chernov's Snake Skink)

Turkmenischer Schlangenskink

Turkmensk Slangeskink

1966 Ophiomorus chernovi Anderson & Leviton

Distribution: Turkmenistan.

Ophiomorus kardesi

Anatolian Snake Skink

Anatolischer Schlangenskink

Anatolsk Slangeskink

2018 Ophiomorus kardesi Kornilios, Kumlutas, Lymberakis & Ilgaz

Remarks: Previously regarded as populations of punctatissimus.
Distribution: Greece (Aegean Islands: Dodecanese Islands: Kastellorizo), Turkey.

Ophiomorus latastii

Striped Snake Skink, (Lataste's Snake Skink)

Gestreifter Schlangenskink

Stribet Slangeskink

1887 Ophiomorus latastii Boulenger

Distribution: Israel, Jordan, Syria.

Ophiomorus latastii
© Henrik Bringsøe

Ophiomorus maranjabensis

Maranjab Snake Skink



2011 Ophiomorus maranjabensis Kazemi, Qomi, Kami & Anderson

Distribution: Iran.

Ophiomorus nuchalis

Persian Plateau Snake Skink, Iranian Plateau Snake Skink

Persischer Hochland-Schlangenskink

Persisk Højlands-slangeskink

1978 Ophiomorus nuchalis Nilson & Andren

Distribution: Iran.

Ophiomorus persicus

Persian Snake Skink, Iranian Snake Skink

Persischer Schlangenskink

Persisk Slangeskink

1867 Hemipodium persicum Steindachner
Ophiomorus persicus Boulenger 1887

Distribution: Iran.

Ophiomorus punctatissimus

Greek Snake Skink, Spotted Snake Skink, Speckled Snake Skink, (Limbless Skink, Spotted Skink)

Gesprenkelter Schlangenskink

Græsk Slangeskink

1833 Anguis punctatissimus Bibron & Bory St. Vincent
Ophiomorus punctatissimus Boulenger 1887
1839 Ophiomorus miliaris Duméril & Bibron (Mertens & Wermuth 1960)

Remarks: Now restricted to Greece. Turkish records refer to kardesi (Kornilios, Kumlutas, Lymberakis & Ilgaz 2018).
Distribution: Greece.

Ophiomorus punctatissimus
© Henrik Bringsøe

Ophiomorus raithmai

Indian Snake Skink, Eastern Snake Skink, (Indian Sandfish, Three-fingered Sand Fish)

Indischer Schlangenskink

Indisk Slangeskink

1966 Ophiomorus raithmai Anderson & Leviton

Remarks: See remarks under tridactylus.
Distribution: India (Gujarat, Punjab, Rajasthan), Pakistan.

Ophiomorus streeti

Balochistan Snake Skink



1966 Ophiomorus streeti Anderson & Leviton

Distribution: Iran.

Ophiomorus tridactylus

Southwest Asian Three-toed Snake Skink, (Indian Snake Skink, Indian Sand Swimmer, Indian Sand Fish)

Südwestasiatischer Dreizehiger Schlangenskink

Sydvestasiatisk Tretået Slangeskink

1853 Sphenocephalus tridactylus Blyth
Sphenoscincus tridactylus Peters 1875
Ophiomorus tridactylus Boulenger 1887

Remarks: Although Anderson & Leviton (1966) in their description of raithmai pointed out that "O. tridactylus is isolated from O. raithmai by the Kirthar Range and the rugged broken terrain of Baluchistan" (both in Pakistan), and thereby excluded tridactylus from the Indian fauna (which was repeated by Mertens 1970), a number of authors have apparently overlooked these works and continued to list tridactylus, or even both species, from India (e.g., Biswas & Sanyal 1977; Daniel 1983; Murthy 1985; Tikader & Sharma 1992; Das 1996; Gayen 1999). Although Das (1996) listed tridactylus for India, he later only included raithmai (Das 2003). In summary, all Indian records of tridactylus refer to raithmai (Venugopal 2010).
Distribution: Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan.