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Taxonomy of the family Chamaeleonidae
Bibliography of the genus Kinyongia
Biodiversity of the family Chamaeleonidae


East African Dwarf Chameleons*

Ostafrikanische Zwergchamäleons*

Østafrikanske Dværgkamæleoner*

2006 Kinyongia Tilbury, Tolley & Branch (type species: Chamaeleon fischeri Reichenow 1887)
Contents: 23 species, of which 17 (73.9%) are endemic.
Remarks: The species of this genus were previously included in Chamaeleo and, more recently, in Bradypodion. Gender feminine. Tilbury, Tolley & Branch (2007) corrected their previous spelling of some of the specific epithets from neuter to feminine.
Distribution: Burundi, Congo-Kinshasa, Kenya, Malawi, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda.

Kinyongia adolfifriderici

Ituri Dwarf Chameleon, Ituri Chameleon



1912 Chamaeleon aldolfi-friderici Sternfeld
Chamaeleo adolfifriderici Mertens 1966
Bradypodion adolfifriderici Klaver & Böhme 1986
Kinyongia adolfifriderici Tilbury, Tolley & Branch 2006

Remarks: Herein considered restricted to the Ituri rainforest of Congo-Kinshasa. Previously included the populations now assigned to itombwensis, rugegensis, and tolleyae (Hughes, Kusamba, Behangana & Greenbaum 2017). A record from Burundi is tentatively referred to rugegensis, the only species of this group of chameleons confirmed from this country. Records from Rwanda are also tentatively referred to rugegensis, being much closer the confirmed localities of this species than to the current range of adolfifriderici. Similarly, records from Uganda are tentatively referred to tolleyae, the only species of this group of chameleons confirmed from this country.
Distribution: Congo-Kinshasa.

Kinyongia asheorum

Mount Nyiro Bearded Chameleon



2009 Kinyongia asheorum Necas, Sindaco, Koreny, Kopecna, Malonza & Modry

Distribution: Kenya.

Kinyongia boehmei

Taita Blade-horned Chameleon



2002 Bradypodion tavetanum boehmei Lutzmann & Necas
Kinyongia tavetanum boehmei Tilbury, Tolley & Branch 2006
Kinyongia tavetana boehmei Tilbury, Tolley & Branch 2007
Kinyongia boehmei Mariaux, Lutzmann & Stipala 2008

Distribution: Kenya.

Kinyongia carpenteri

Ruwenzori Helmeted Chameleon, (Carpenter's Chameleon)



1929 Chamaeleo carpenteri Parker
Bradypodion carpenteri Klaver & Böhme 1986
Kinyongia carpenteri Tilbury, Tolley & Branch 2006

Distribution: Congo-Kinshasa, Uganda.

Kinyongia excubitor

Mount Kenya Hornless Chameleon, Mount Kenya Sentinel Chameleon

Mount Kenya-Zwergchamäleon*

Mount Kenya-dværgkamæleon*

1911 Chamaeleo tenuis excubitor Barbour
Chamaeleo fischeri excubitor Barbour & Loveridge 1928
Bradypodion fischeri excubitor Klaver & Böhme 1997
Chamaeleo excubitor Spawls, Howell, Drewes & Ashe 2002
Kinyongia excubitor Tilbury, Tolley & Branch 2006
1911 Chamaeleon affinis embuensis Lönnberg (Loveridge 1929; Tilbury 2010)

Remarks: Previously regarded as a synonym of fischeri (e.g., Klaver & Böhme 1997).
Distribution: Kenya.

Kinyongia fischeri

Eastern Usambara Two-horned Chameleon, Nguru Blade-horned Chameleon, (Fischer's Chameleon)

Östliche Usambara-Zweihornchamäleon*, Fischers Chamäleon

Østlig Tohornet Usambara-kamæleon*, (Fischers Kamæleon)

1887 Chamaeleon fischeri Reichenow
Chamaeleo fischeri Mertens 1966
Bradypodion fischeri Klaver & Böhme 1986
Kinyongia fischeri Tilbury, Tolley & Branch 2006

Remarks: Previously included excubitor, matschiei, multituberculata, tavetanum, uluguruensis, and vosseleri. Most earlier literature on fischeri refer to other of these species, such as matschiei or vosseleri (Tilbury 2010). Kenyan records refer to excubitor.
Distribution: Tanzania.

Kinyongia gyrolepis

Lendu Plateau Chameleon*



2012 Kinyongia gyrolepis Greenbaum, Tolley, Joma & Kusamba

Distribution: Congo-Kinshasa.

Kinyongia itombwensis

Itombwe Plateau Dwarf Chameleon*, Itombwe Plateau Forest Chameleon



2017 Kinyongia itombwensis Hughes, Kusamba, Behangana & Greenbaum

Distribution: Congo-Kinshasa.

Kinyongia magomberae

Magombera Chameleon, Magombera Single-horned Chameleon



2009 Kinyongia magomberae Menegon, Tolley, Jones, Rovero, Marshall & Tilbury

Distribution: Tanzania.

Kinyongia matschiei

Eastern Usambara Giant Blade-horned Chameleon


Stor Tohornet Usambara-kamæleon*, (Matschies Kamæleon)

1896 Chamaeleon matschiei Werner
Chamaeleon fischeri matschiei Werner 1911
Kinyongia matschiei Mariaux, Lutzmann & Stipala 2008
1902 Chamaeleon tornieri Werner (species inquiriendae, fide Mariaux, Lutzmann & Stipala 2008; Tilbury 2010)

Remarks: Previously regarded as a synonym of fischeri (e.g., Werner 1902; Mertens 1966; Klaver & Böhme 1997). Revalidated by Mariaux, Lutzmann & Stipala (2008).
Distribution: Tanzania.

Kinyongia msuyae

Mdandu Chameleon*



2015 Kinyongia msuyae Menegon, Loader, Davenport, Howell, Tilbury, Machaga & Tolley

Distribution: Tanzania.

Kinyongia multituberculata

Western Usambara Two-horned Chameleon, West Usambara Blade-horned Chameleon

Westliche Usambara-Zweihornchamäleon*

Vestlig Tohornet Usambara-kamæleon*

1913 Chamaeleo fischeri multituberculatus Nieden
Bradypodion fischeri multituberculatum Klaver & Böhme 1986
Kinyongia fischeri multituberculatum Tilbury, Tolley & Branch 2006
Kinyongia multituberculata Mariaux, Lutzmann & Stipala 2008
1913 Chamaeleon fischeri werneri Nieden [not Chamaeleon werneri Tornier 1899] (syn. Mariaux, Lutzmann & Stipala 2008)

Distribution: Tanzania.

Kinyongia mulyai

Mount Nzawa Crestless Chameleon*

Kammloser Nzawa-Chamäleon*

Kamløs Nzawa-kamæleon*

2015 Kinyongia mulyai Tilbury & Tolley

Distribution: Congo-Kinshasa.

Kinyongia oxyrhina

Uluguru One-horned Chameleon, Sharp-nosed Chameleon, Eastern Arc Sharp-nosed Chameleon


Enkelthornet Uluguru-kamæleon*

1988 Bradypodion oxyrhinum Klaver & Böhme
Kinyongia oxyrhinum Tilbury, Tolley & Branch 2006

Distribution: Tanzania.

Kinyongia rugegensis

Rugege Highlands Dwarf Chameleon*, Rugege Highlands Forest Chameleon



2017 Kinyongia rugegensis Hughes, Kusamba, Behangana & Greenbaum

Distribution: Burundi, Rwanda.

Kinyongia tavetana

Kilimanjaro Two-horned Chameleon, Kilimanjaro Blade-horned Chameleon, Taita Hills Two-horned Chameleon


Tohornet Kilimanjaro-kamæleon*

1891 Chamaeleon tavetanus Steindachner
Chamaeleo fischeri tavetanus Loveridge 1957
Bradypodion tavetanum Broadley & Howell 1991
Kinyongia tavetanum Tilbury, Tolley & Branch 2006
1891 Chamaeleo abbotti Stejneger (Boulenger 1892; Klaver & Böhme 1997)
1891 Chamaeleon tavetensis Steindachner [substitute name for Chamaeleon tavetanus Steindachner 1891]
Chamaeleon fischeri tavetensis Loveridge 1936
1893 Chamaeleo taitensis Stejneger [nomen erratum for Chamaeleon tavetanus Steindachner 1891] (Tilbury 2010)

Remarks: Previously regarded as a subspecies of fischeri. Previously included boehmei.
Distribution: Kenya, Tanzania.

Kinyongia tenuis

Usambara Soft-horned Chameleon, Usambara Flap-nosed Chameleon, Single Soft-horned Chameleon


Enkelthornet Usambara-kamæleon*

1892 Chamaeleon tenuis Matschie
Chamaeleo tenuis Barbour 1911
Bradypodion tenue Klaver & Böhme 1986
Kinyongia tenue Tilbury, Tolley & Branch 2006

Distribution: Kenya, Tanzania.

Kinyongia tolleyae

Kigezi Highlands Dwarf Chameleon*, (Tolley's Forest Chameleon)



2017 Kinyongia tolleyae Hughes, Kusamba, Behangana & Greenbaum

Distribution: Uganda.

Kinyongia uluguruensis

Uluguru Two-horned Chameleon


Tohornet Uluguru-kamæleon*

1957 Chamaeleo fischeri uluguruensis Loveridge
Bradypodion fischeri uluguruense Klaver & Böhme 1997
Kinyongia fischeri uluguruense Tilbury, Tolley & Branch 2006
Kinyongia uluguruensis Mariaux, Lutzmann & Stipala 2008

Distribution: Tanzania.

Kinyongia uthmoelleri

Hanang Hornless Chameleon, (Uthmöller's Chameleon)



1938 Chamaeleo uthmölleri Müller
Chamaeleo fischeri uthmölleri Loveridge 1957
Bradypodion uthmoelleri Klaver & Böhme 1986
Kinyongia uthmoelleri Tilbury, Tolley & Branch 2006
2010 Kinyongia uthmoelleri artytor Lutzmann, Stipala, Lademann, Krause, Wilms & Schmitz

Remarks: According to Böhme (2014), the subspecific epithet artytor should have been in genetive singular, i.e. artytoris.
Distribution: Tanzania.

Kinyongia vanheygeni

Poroto Single-horned Chameleon


Enkelthornet Poroto-kamæleon*

2009 Kinyongia vanheygeni Necas

Distribution: Malawi, Tanzania.

Kinyongia vosseleri

Usaramo Two-horned Chameleon*, (Vosseler's Blade-horned Chameleon)


Tohornet Usaramo-kamæleon*

1913 Chamaeleon fischeri vosseleri Nieden
Kinyongia vosseleri Mariaux, Lutzmann & Stipala 2008

Remarks: Previously regarded as a synonym of fischeri (e.g., Barbour & Loveridge 1928; Klaver & Böhme 1997). Revalidated by Mariaux, Lutzmann & Stipala (2008).
Distribution: Tanzania.

Kinyongia xenorhina

Ruwenzori Plate-nosed Chameleon, Single Welded-horn Chameleon, Strange-horned Chameleon


Fladhornet Kamæleon*

1901 Chamaeleon xenorhinus Boulenger
Chamaeleo xenorhinus Mertens 1966
Bradypodion xenorhinum Klaver & Böhme 1986
Kinyongia xenorhinum Tilbury, Tolley & Branch 2006

Distribution: Congo-Kinshasa, Uganda.