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Citation: Midtgaard, Rune. RepFocus - A Survey of the Reptiles of the World. (www.repfocus.dk).
Latest update: December 31st, 2022.

Taxonomy of the family Teiidae
Bibliography of the genus Dracaena
Biodiversity of the family Teiidae


Caiman Lizards



1802 Dracaena Daudin (type species: Dracaena guianensis Daudin 1788)
1825 Ada Gray (type species: Teius crocodilinus Merrem 1820; syn. Peters & Donoso-Barros 1970)
1830 Thorictis Wagler (type species: Dracaena guianensis Daudin 1788; syn. Peters & Donoso-Barros 1970)
Contents: 2 species, none of which are endemic.
Endemism: 0% 100%
Distribution: Bolivia, Brazil (Acre, Amapa, Amazonas, Maranhao, Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul, Para [incl. Marajo Island]), Colombia, Ecuador, French Guiana, Paraguay, Peru.

Dracaena guianensis

Northern Caiman Lizard, Guiana Caiman Lizard, Jacuruxy

Nördliche Krokodilteju

Nordlig Kaimanøgle

1788 Dracaena guianensis Daudin
1820 Teius crocodilinus Merrem (Peters & Donoso-Barros 1970)

Remarks: Possibly occurs also in Maranhao, Brazil (Avila-Pires 1995), but presence in French Guiana is regarded as doubtful (Hoogmoed & Lescure 1975).
Distribution: Brazil (Acre, Amapa, Amazonas, Maranhao, Para [incl. Marajo Island]), Colombia, Ecuador, French Guiana, Peru.

Dracaena guianensis
© Rune Midtgaard

Dracaena paraguayensis

Paraguay Caiman Lizard


Paraguayisk Kaimanøgle

1950 Dracaena paraguayensis Amaral

Distribution: Bolivia, Brazil (Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul), Paraguay.