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Latest update: December 31st, 2022.

Taxonomy of the family Anguidae
Bibliography of the genus Siderolamprus
Biodiversity of the family Anguidae


Middle American Forest Lizards

Zentralamerikanische Ringelschleichen

Centralamerikanske Ringøgler

1860 Siderolamprus Cope (type species: Siderolamprus enneagrammus Cope 1860)
1845 Oneyda Gray (type species: Diploglossus owenii Dumeril & Bibron 1839; syn. Schools & Hedges 2021)
Contents: 14 species, of which 9 (64.3%) are endemic.
Endemism: 0% 100%
Remarks: Previously regarded as a synonym of Celestus (e.g., Savage & Lips 1994). Revalidated by Schools & Hedges (2021).
Distribution: S. Mexico, Central America.
Reported from: Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico (Chiapas, Oaxaca, Puebla, Quintana Roo, Tabasco, Veracruz), Nicaragua, Panama.

Siderolamprus adercus

Panamanian Forest Lizard, Panamanian Galliwasp

Panamaische Ringelschleiche

Panamansk Ringøgle

2008 Celestus adercus Savage, Lips & Ibañez-D.
Siderolamprus adercus Schools & Hedges 2021

Distribution: Panama.

Siderolamprus atitlanensis

Atitlán Forest Lizard, Atitlán Galliwasp



1950 Celestus atitlanensis Smith
Diploglossus atitlanensis Wermuth 1969
Siderolamprus atitlanensis Schools & Hedges 2021

Remarks: Previously regarded as a synonym of bivittatus (e.g., Wilson, Porras & McCranie 1986). Revalidated by Campbell & Camarillo (1994). Listed for Mexico by Schools & Hedges (2021), but without references. No other records have been found to support this.
Distribution: El Salvador, Guatemala.

Siderolamprus bivittatus

Two-striped Lesser Forest Lizard, Two-striped Lesser Galliwasp


Tostribet Ringøgle

1895 Diploglossus bivittatus Boulenger
Celestus bivittatus Wilson, Porras & McCranie 1986
Siderolamprus bivittatus Schools & Hedges 2021

Remarks: Previously included atitlanensis.
Distribution: Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua.

Siderolamprus cyanochloris

Irazú Forest Lizard, Irazú Galliwasp



1894 Celestus cyanochloris Cope
Diploglossus cyanochloris Wermuth 1969
Siderolamprus cyanochloris Schools & Hedges 2021

Distribution: Costa Rica.

Siderolamprus enneagrammus

Huasteca Lesser Forest Lizard, Huasteca Lesser Galliwasp, Mexican False Skink



1860 Siderolamprus enneagrammus Cope
Celestus enneagrammus Cope 1887
Diploglossus enneagrammus Wermuth 1969
1864 Diploglossus steindachneri Cope (Smith & Taylor 1950)
1866 Diploglossus chalybaeus Cope (Smith & Taylor 1950)

Distribution: Mexico (Chiapas, Oaxaca, Puebla, Veracruz).

Siderolamprus hylaius

Costa Rican Forest Lizard, Rainforest Galliwasp

Costaricanische Ringelschleiche, Regenwald-Ringelschleiche

Costaricansk Ringøgle, Regnskovs-ringøgle

1994 Celestus hylaius Savage & Lips
Siderolamprus hylaius Schools & Hedges 2021

Distribution: Costa Rica.

Siderolamprus ingridae

Veracruz Forest Lizard, Santa Martha Galliwasp

Veracruz-Doppelzungenschleiche, Santa Martha-Doppelzungenschleiche

Veracruz-ringøgle, Santa Martha-ringøgle

2004 Diploglossus ingridae Werler & Campbell
Celestus ingridae Savage, Lips & Ibanez 2008
Siderolamprus ingridae Schools & Hedges 2021

Distribution: Mexico (Veracruz).

Siderolamprus laf

Chiriqui Forest Lizard, Chiriqui Galliwasp



2016 Celestus laf Lotzkat, Hertz & Köhler
Siderolamprus laf Schools & Hedges 2021

Distribution: Panama.

Siderolamprus legnotus

Pueblan Forest Lizard, Pueblan Galliwasp, (Campbellā€™s Forest Lizard)



1994 Diploglossus legnotus Campbell & Camarillo R.
Siderolamprus legnotus Schools & Hedges 2021

Distribution: Mexico (Puebla, Veracruz).

Siderolamprus montanus

Montane Lesser Forest Lizard, Mountain Lesser Galliwasp

Zentralamerikanische Gebirgs-Ringelschleiche

Lille Bjerg-ringøgle

1933 Celestus montanus Schmidt
Diploglossus montanus Wermuth 1969
Siderolamprus montanus Schools & Hedges 2021

Distribution: Guatemala, Honduras.

Siderolamprus orobius

Hortensia Forest Lizard, Hortensia Galliwasp



1994 Celestus orobius Savage & Lips
Siderolamprus orobius Schools & Hedges 2021

Distribution: Costa Rica.

Siderolamprus owenii

Owen's Forest Lizard

Owen's Ringelschleiche

Owen's Ringøgle

1839 Diploglossus owenii Dumeril & Bibron
Siderolamprus owenii Schools & Hedges 2021

Remarks: Previously regarded as a species of uncertain status (e.g., Wermuth 1969). Regarded as a valid species by Schools & Hedges (2021). Exact distribution is unknown.
Distribution: Guatemala, Mexico.

Siderolamprus rozellae

Mayan Forest Lizard, Palenque Galliwasp, (Rozella's Lesser Galliwasp, Rozella's Canopy Lizard)

Maya-Ringelschleiche, Palenque-Ringelschleiche

Maya-ringøgle, Palenque-ringøgle

1942 Celestus rozellae Smith
Diploglossus rozellae Wermuth 1969
Siderolamprus rozellae Schools & Hedges 2021

Distribution: Belize, Guatemala, Mexico (Chiapas, Oaxaca, Quintana Roo, Tabasco, Veracruz).

Siderolamprus scansorius

Yoro Forest Lizard, Yoro Galliwasp



1996 Celestus scansorius McCranie & Wilson
Diploglossus scansorius McCranie 2015
Siderolamprus scansorius Schools & Hedges 2021

Distribution: Honduras.