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Taxonomy of the family Colubridae
Bibliography of the genus Urotheca
Biodiversity of the family Colubridae


Glass-tailed Snakes, Glasstails, False Coral Snakes, Brittle Snakes



1843 Urotheca Bibron (type species: Calamaria dumerilii Bibron 1840)
Contents: 8 species, of which 3 (37.5%) are endemic.
Endemism: 0% 100%
Remarks: Seven species (decipiens, dumerilii, fulviceps, guentheri, lateristriga, multilineata, pachyura) were previously placed in Rhadinaea. Pliocercus was synonymized with Urotheca by Savage & Crother (1989), but revalidated as a separate genus by Myers & Cadle (1994), supported by Smith, Wallach & Chiszar (1995).
Distribution: Central America, NW. South America.
Reported from: Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Venezuela.

Urotheca decipiens

Collared Glass-tailed Snake, Long-tailed Litter Snake, Pale Ground Snake



1893 Ablabes decipiens Günther
Tachymenis decipiens Günther 1895
Rhadinaea pachyura decipiens Dunn 1938
Rhadinaea decipiens Taylor 1954
Urotheca decipiens Savage & Crother 1989
1924 Rhadinaea albiceps Amaral (Myers 1974)
Liophis albiceps Amaral 1929

Distribution: Colombia, Costa Rica, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama.

Urotheca dumerilii

Colombian Glass-tailed Snake

Kolumbianische Glasschwanznatter

Colombiansk Glashalesnog

1840 Calamaria dumerilii Bibron
Urotheca dumerilii Garman 1887
Rhadinaea dumerilii Myers 1974

Distribution: Colombia.

Urotheca fulviceps

Tawny-headed Glass-tailed Snake

Gelbköpfige Glasschwanznatter

Gulhovedet Glashalesnog

1886 Rhadinaea fulviceps Cope
Liophis fulviceps Dunn 1931
Rhadinaea pachyura fulviceps Dunn 1944
Urotheca fulviceps Savage & Crother 1989

Distribution: Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Panama, Venezuela.

Urotheca guentheri

Orange-bellied Glass-tailed Snake, Striped Glass-tailed Snake, Orange-bellied Litter Snake


Orangebuget Glashalesnog

1895 Tachymenis decipiens Günther [not Ablabes decipiens Günther 1893]
Erythrolamprus decipiens Boulenger 1896
Coniophanes decipiens Amaral 1929
1938 Rhadinaea güntheri Dunn [substitute name for Tachymenis decipiens Günther 1895]
Urotheca guentheri Savage & Crother 1989
1938 Rhadinaea persimilis Dunn [not Liophis persimilis Cope 1869] (Myers 1974)

Distribution: Costa Rica, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama.

Urotheca lateristriga

Ribboned Glass-tailed Snake, Ribboned Brittle Snake

Gebänderte Glasschwanznatter

Båndet Glashalesnog

1859 Liophis lateristriga Berthold
Urotheca lateristriga Boulenger 1894
Rhadinaea lateristriga Dunn 1944
1863 Dromicus frenatus Peters (Peters & Orejas-Miranda 1970)
1867 Dromicus nuntius Jan (Peters & Orejas-Miranda 1970)
1901 Urotheca coronata Steindachner (Peters & Orejas-Miranda 1970)
1909 Erythrolamprus labialis Werner (Peters & Orejas-Miranda 1970)

Remarks: Although reported from Panama (e.g., Pérez-Santos, Moreno & Gearhart 1993), the species has not been confirmed from the country (Solís, Ibáñez & Jaramillo 1996).
Distribution: Colombia, Ecuador, Peru.

Urotheca lateristriga
© Henrik Bringsøe

Urotheca multilineata

Many-striped Glass-tailed Snake

Vielstreifige Glasschwanznatter

Mangestribet Glashalesnog

1859 Dromicus multilineatus Peters
Rhadinaea lateristriga multilineata Dunn 1944
Urotheca multilineata Savage & Crother 1989
Rhadinaea multilineata Lancini & Kornacker 1989

Distribution: Venezuela.

Urotheca myersi

Costa Rican Glass-tailed Snake

Costaricanische Glasschwanznatter

Costaricansk Glashalesnog

1989 Urotheca myersi Savage & Lahanas

Distribution: Costa Rica.

Urotheca pachyura

Thick-tailed Glass-tailed Snake

Dickschwänzige Glasschwanznatter

Tykhalet Glashalesnog

1876 Contia pachyura Cope
Liophis pachyura Dunn 1931
Rhadinaea pachyura Dunn 1938
Urotheca pachyura Savage & Crother 1989
1954 Rhadinaea decipiens rubricollis Taylor (Myers 1974)

Distribution: Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama.