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Taxonomy of the family Gekkonidae
Bibliography of the genus Tenuidactylus
Biodiversity of the family Gekkonidae


Central Asian Thin-toed Geckos

Zentralasiatische Dünnfingergeckos

Centralasiatiske Tyndfingergekkoer

1984 Tenuidactylus Szczerbak & Golubev (type species: Gymnodactylus caspius Eichwald 1831)
Contents: 9 species, of which 2 (22.2%) are endemic.
Endemism: 0% 100%
Remarks: The validity of this genus has been under much debate, with some authors regarding it as a valid genus (e.g., Szczerbak & Golubev 1984; Kluge 1991), while others have regarded it as a synonym or subgenus of Cyrtopodion (e.g., Böhme 1985). Bauer, Masroor, Titus-McQuillan, Heinicke, Daza & Jackman (2013) confirmed the validity of the genus.
Distribution: C. Asia.
Reported from: Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, China (Gansu, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang), Georgia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan.

Tenuidactylus bogdanovi

Tajik Thin-toed Gecko

Tadschikischer Dünnfingergecko

Tadsjikisk Tyndfingergekko

2013 Tenuidactylus bogdanovi Nazarov & Poyarkov

Distribution: Tajikistan, Uzbekistan.

Tenuidactylus caspius

Caspian Thin-toed Gecko

Kaspischer Dünnfingergecko, Kaspischer Bogenfingergecko, Kaspischer Nacktfingergecko

Kaspisk Tyndfingergekko

1831 Gymnodactylus caspius Eichwald
Cyrtodactylus caspius Underwood 1954
Tenuidactylus caspius Szczerbak & Golubev 1984
Cyrtopodion caspius Böhme 1985
1832 Uromastix fasciatus Menetries (Böhme (ed.) 1981)
1978 Gymnodactylus caspius insularis Achmedow & Szcerbak

Other common names:
insularis: Island Thin-toed Gecko
Introduced to: Armenia.
Distribution: Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan.

Tenuidactylus caspius
© Henrik Bringsøe

Tenuidactylus dadunensis

Dadun Thin-toed Gecko



2011 Cyrtopodion dadunense Shi & Zhao
Tenuidactylus dadunensis Bauer, Masroor, Titus-McQuillan, Heinicke, Daza & Jackman 2013

Distribution: China (Xinjiang).

Tenuidactylus elongatus

Gobi Thin-toed Gecko, Kashgar Thin-toed Gecko



1875 Gymnodactylus elongatus Blanford
Cyrtodactylus elongatus Underwood 1954
Tenuidactylus elongatus Szczerbak & Golubev 1984
Cyrtopodion elongatus Böhme 1985

Distribution: China (Gansu, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang), Mongolia.

Tenuidactylus fedtschenkoi

Turkestan Thin-toed Gecko, Turkestan Rock Gecko

Turkestanischer Dünnfingergecko

Turkestansk Tyndfingergekko

1887 Gymnodactylus fedtschenkoi Strauch
Cyrtodactylus fedtschenkoi Underwood 1954
Tenuidactylus fedtschenkoi Szczerbak & Golubev 1984
Cyrtopodion fedtschenkoi Böhme 1985

Remarks: Afghan records (e.g., Leviton & Anderson 1970) refer to turcmenicus (Clark 1990). Although reported from India by Tikader & Sharma (1992), there are no verified records from the country (Venugopal 2010).
Introduced to: Kyrgyzstan.
Distribution: Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan.

Tenuidactylus longipes

Long-legged Thin-toed Gecko

Langbeiniger Dünnfingergecko

Langbenet Tyndfingergekko

1896 Gymnodactylus longipes Nikolskij
Cyrtodactylus longipes Anderson 1963
Tenuidactylus longipes Szczerbak & Golubev 1984
Cyrtopodion longipes Böhme 1985
Indogekko longipes Khan 2003

Remarks: Previously included microlepis. Although Wagner, Bauer, Leviton, Wilms & Böhme (2016) regarded the presence of longipes in Afghanistan as undocumented, it is retained herein as part of the Afghan fauna on the basis of Szczerbak & Golubev (1996), Sindaco & Jeremchenko (2008), and Smíd, Moravec, Kodym, Kratochvíl, Yousefkhani, Rastegar-Pouyani & Frynta (2014).
Distribution: Afghanistan, Iran.

Tenuidactylus microlepis

Small-scaled Thin-toed Gecko

Kleinschuppiger Dünnfingergecko

Finskællet Tyndfingergekko

1918 Gymnodactylus microlepis Lantz
Tenuidactylus longipes microlepis Szczerbak & Golubev 1996
Indogekko longipes microlepis Khan 2008
Tenuidactylus microlepis Nazarov & Poyarkov 2013

Remarks: Previously regarded as a subspecies of longipes (e.g., Szczerbak & Golubev 1996). Revalidated as a separate species by Nazarov & Poyarkov (2013). Not listed for Iran by Kamali (2020).
Distribution: Iran, Turkmenistan.

Tenuidactylus turcmenicus

Turkmen Thin-toed Gecko

Turkmenischer Dünnfingergecko

Turkmensk Tyndfingergekko

1978 Gymnodactylus turcmenicus Szczerbak
Cyrtodactylus turcmenicus Kluge 1983
Tenuidactylus turcmenicus Szczerbak & Golubev 1984
Cyrtopodion turcmenicus Böhme 1985

Distribution: Afghanistan, Iran, Turkmenistan.

Tenuidactylus voraginosus

Afghan Thin-toed Gecko

Afghanischer Dünnfingergecko

Afghansk Tyndfingergekko

1984 Cyrtodactylus voraginosus Leviton & Anderson
Cyrtodactylus longipes voraginosus Szczerbak & Golubev 1986
Tenuidactylus voraginosus Kluge 1991
Indogekko longipes voraginosus Khan 2008
Cyrtopodion longipes voraginosus Sindaco & Jeremchenko 2008

Remarks: Leviton & Anderson's (1984) record from Iran refer to longipes (Szczerbak & Golubev 1996; Anderson 1999).
Distribution: Afghanistan.