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Taxonomy of the family Phyllodactylidae
Bibliography of the genus Ptyodactylus
Biodiversity of the family Phyllodactylidae


Fan-toed Geckos, Fan-footed Geckos, Lobe-footed Geckos, Fan-fingered Geckos

Fächerfingergeckos, Fächerfußgeckos


1820 Ptyodactylus Goldfuss (type species: Gecko lobatus Geoffroy 1809)
Contents: 13 species, of which 6 (46.2%) are endemic.
Remarks: A single record of the genus Ptyodactylus from Iran refer to Asaccus nasrullahi (Werner 2006).
Distribution: N. Africa, Middle East, Pakistan.
Reported from: Algeria, Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Chad, Djibouti, Egypt (incl. Sinai), Eritrea, Ethiopia, Ghana, Iraq, Israel, Ivory Coast, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Mali, Mauritania, Morocco, Niger, Nigeria, Oman, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia (incl. Farasan Islands), Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Togo, United Arab Emirates, Yemen.

Ptyodactylus ananjevae

Southern Jordan Fan-toed Gecko*

Südjordanischer Fächerfingergecko*

Sydjordansk Viftefingergekko*

2013 Ptyodactylus ananjevae Nazarov, Melnikov & Melnikova

Distribution: Jordan.

Ptyodactylus dhofarensis

Dhofar Fan-toed Gecko*



2013 Ptyodactylus dhofarensis Nazarov, Melnikov & Melnikova

Distribution: Oman.

Ptyodactylus guttatus

Spotted Fan-toed Gecko, Sinai Fan-toed Gecko

Gefleckter Fächerfingergecko*

Plettet Viftefingergekko*

1827 Ptyodactylus guttatus Heyden
Ptyodactylus hasselquistii guttatus Welch 1983
1834 Gecko maculatus Schinz [1833-35] [substitute name for Ptyodactylus guttatus Heyden 1827] (Heimes 1987)
1892 Ptyodactylus lacazzi Boutan (Heimes 1987)

Remarks: Previously regarded as a synonym of hasselquistii (e.g., Loveridge 1947; Wermuth 1965). Revalidated by Heimes (1987). Previously included siphonorhina. A record from Lebanon (Werner 1939) refer to puiseuxi (Hraoui-Bloquet, Sadek, Sindaco & Venchi 2002). Werner & Sivan (1994) considered Oman populations of hasselquisti as guttatus. Not mentioned for Saudi Arabia by Aloufi, Amr, Baker & Hamidan (2019).
Distribution: Egypt (incl. Sinai), Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria.

Ptyodactylus hasselquistii

Egyptian Fan-toed Gecko, Yellow Fan-toed Gecko, (Hasselquist's Fan-toed Gecko)

Ägyptischer Fächerfingergecko*

Egyptisk Viftefingergekko*

1798 Lacerta hasselquistii Donndorff
Ptyodactylus hasselquistii Duméril & Bibron 1836
1809 Gecko lobatus Geoffroy (Heimes 1987)
Ptyodactylus lobatus Boulenger 1885
1820 Gekko ascalabotes Merrem (Heimes 1987)
1829 Stenodactylus guttatus Cuvier (Metallinou & Crochet 2013)
1995 Ptyodactylus hasselquistii krameri Werner

Remarks: In his revision of the genus, Heimes (1987) did not include Iraq in the distribution of hasselquistii, although the species has been reported from this country. Also reported from Iran (e.g., Schmidt 1955; Anderson 1963, 1968, 1974; Schleich 1977), but records of Ptyodactylus from that country are now referred to Asaccus nasrullahi (Werner 2006). Hraoui-Bloquet's (1981) record of hasselquistii from Lebanon refers to puiseuxi (Hraoui-Bloquet, Sadek, Sindaco & Venchi 2002). The species has also been reported from Syria (e.g., Arnold 1986; Disi & Böhme 1996), but in error, probably due to confusion wit other species of the genus (Martens 1997). Werner & Sivan (1994) considered Oman populations of hasselquisti as guttatus, apparently followed by Sindaco & Jeremchenko (2008), but no other authors.
Distribution: Egypt (incl. Sinai), Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Oman, Saudi Arabia (incl. Farasan Islands), Sudan, United Arab Emirates, Yemen.

Ptyodactylus homolepis

Pakistani Fan-toed Gecko, Sind Fan-toed Gecko

Pakistanischer Fächerfingergecko*

Pakistansk Viftefingergekko*

1876 Ptyodactylus homolepis Blanford

Remarks: Records of homolepis from Socotra (e.g., Loveridge 1947; Wermuth 1965) refer to Ptyodactylus socotranus Steindachner 1902, regarded as a subspecies of homolepis by both firstmentioned authors, but shown to be a synonym of Haemodracon riebecki by Eiselt (1962). Sharma (1971) and Sahi & Duda (1985) erroneously recorded homolepis from Jammu & Kashmir, India (Venugopal 2010).
Distribution: Pakistan.

Ptyodactylus orlovi

Eastern Arabian Fan-toed Gecko*

Ostarabischer Fächerfingergecko*

Østarabisk Viftefingergekko*

2013 Ptyodactylus orlovi Nazarov, Melnikov & Melnikova

Distribution: Oman.

Ptyodactylus oudrii

Moroccan Fan-toed Gecko, (Oudri's Fan-toed Gecko)

Marokkanischer Fächerfingergecko*

Marokkansk Viftefingergekko*

1880 Ptyodactylus oudrii Lataste
Ptyodactylus hasselquistii oudrii Anderson 1898

Remarks: Revalidated as a separate species by Heimes (1987). Validity confirmed by Perera & Harris (2010) who suggested that it is a species complex.
Distribution: Algeria, Morocco.

Ptyodactylus puiseuxi

Levant Fan-toed Gecko, Israeli Fan-toed Gecko

Levantischer Fächerfingergecko*

Levantisk Viftefingergekko*

1893 Ptyodactylus puiseuxi Boutan
Ptyodactylus hasselquistii puiseuxi Loveridge 1947
1893 Ptyodactylus barroisi Boutan (Heimes 1987)
1893 Ptyodactylus bischoffsheimi Boutan (Heimes 1987)
1893 Ptyodactylus montmahoui Boutan (Heimes 1987)
1894 Ptyodactylus lobatus syriacus Peracca (Heimes 1987)
1914 Ptyodactylus lobatus sancti-montis Barbour (Heimes 1987)

Remarks: Previously regarded as a synonym of hasselquistii (e.g., Wermuth 1965). Revalidated by Heimes (1987). Although reported by several authors from Iraq (e.g., Leviton, Anderson, Adler & Minton 1992), Afrasiab & Mohamad (2009) were the first to provide a record with locality.
Distribution: Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria.

Ptyodactylus ragazzii

Eritrean Fan-toed Gecko*, (Sahelian Fan-toed Gecko, Ragazzi's Fan-toed Gecko)

Eritreische Fächerfingergecko*

Eritreisk Viftefingergekko*

1898 Ptyodactylus hasselquistii var. ragazzii Anderson
Ptyodactylus ragazzii Schleich, Kästle & Kabisch 1996

Remarks: Previously included togoensis. Now restricted to Northeast Africa. Records from West Africa refer to togoensis (Metallinou, Cervenka, Crochet, Kratochvil, Wilms, Geniez, Shobrak, Brito & Carranza 2015). Baha el Din (1999) presented evidence establishing ragazzi and hasselquistii as separate species, based on sympatry in southeastern Egypt. Already Schleich, Kästle & Kabisch (1996) and Smith, Robinson, Chiszar & Breukelen (1998) treated ragazzi as a distinct species, but without discussion.
Distribution: Djibouti, Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia.

Ptyodactylus rivapadialorum

Mauritanian Fan-toed Gecko*, (Riva and Padial’s Fan-footed Gecko)

Mauritanischer Fächerfingergecko*

Mauritansk Viftefingergekko*

2017 Ptyodactylus rivapadiali Trape
Ptyodactylus rivapadialorum [justified emendation] Midtgaard 2019

Remarks: The original specific epithet, rivapadiali, was corrected from singular to plural, rivapadialorum, to comply with Latin grammar, because it is a constructed name honouring two people, Ignacio de la Riva and José Padial (Midtgaard 2019).
Distribution: Mauritania.

Ptyodactylus ruusaljibalicus

Ruus al Jibal Fan-toed Gecko


Ruus al Jibal-viftefingergekko*

2017 Ptyodactylus ruusaljibalicus Simó-Riudalbas, Metallinou, Pous, Els, Jayasinghe, Péntek-Zakar, Wilms, Al-Saadi & Carranza

Distribution: Oman, United Arab Emirates.

Ptyodactylus siphonorhina

Northeast Saharan Fan-toed Gecko*, (Sahara Fan-toed Gecko)

Nordostsaharischer Fächerfingergecko*

Nordøstsaharisk Viftefingergekko*

1896 Ptyodactylus hasselquistii var. siphonorhina Anderson
Ptyodactylus siphonorhina Baha el Din 2006

Remarks: Previously regarded as a synonym of guttatus (e.g., Heimes 1987; Werner & Sivan 1994). Tentatively regarded as a separate species by Baha el Din (2006). Validity confirmed by Metallinou, Cervenka, Crochet, Kratochvil, Wilms, Geniez, Shobrak, Brito & Carranza (2015).
Distribution: Egypt.

Ptyodactylus togoensis

Sahelian Fan-toed Gecko



1901 Ptyodactylus hasselquisti var. togoensis Tornier
Ptyodactylus togoensis Metallinou, Cervenka, Crochet, Kratochvil, Wilms, Geniez, Shobrak, Brito & Carranza 2015

Remarks: Previously regarded as a synonym of ragazzii (e.g., Werner 1919; Bauer, Tchibozo, Pauwels & Lenglet 2006; Baha el Din 2006). Revalidated by Metallinou, Cervenka, Crochet, Kratochvil, Wilms, Geniez, Shobrak, Brito & Carranza (2015).
Distribution: Algeria, Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Chad, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Libya, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Nigeria, Sudan, Togo.