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Taxonomy of the family Homalopsidae
Bibliography of the genus Fordonia
Biodiversity of the family Homalopsidae


White-bellied Mangrove Snake


Hvidbuget Krabbesnog

1842 Fordonia Gray (type species: Homalopsis leucobalia Schlegel 1837)
1843 Hydropsis Fitzinger (type species: Homalopsis leucobalia Schlegel 1837; syn. Murphy 2007)
1853 Hemiodontus Dumeril & Bibron [substitute name for Fordonia Gray 1842]
Contents: 1 species, which is not endemic.
Endemism: 0% 100%
Distribution: As for the single species.

Fordonia leucobalia

White-bellied Mangrove Snake, White-bellied Water Snake, Crab-eating Mangrove Snake, Crab-eating Water Snake, Crab-eating Snake


Hvidbuget Krabbesnog

1837 Homalopsis leucobalia Schlegel
Fordonia leucobalia Gray 1842
Hemiodontus leucobalia Duméril & Bibron 1854
1849 Fordonia unicolor Gray (Murphy 2007)
1863 Hemiodonthus chalybæus Jan (Murphy 2007)
1868 Fordonia bicolor Theobald (Murphy 2007)
1877 Fordonia papuensis Macleay (Murphy 2007)
1878 Fordonia variabilis Macleay (Murphy 2007)

Remarks: Presence in Sulawesi needs confirmation (Koch 2012).
Distribution: Australia (Northern Territory, Queensland [incl. Torres Strait Islands], Western Australia), Bangladesh, Cambodia, East Timor, India (West Bengal), Indonesia (Ambon, Java, Kalimantan, Lombok, Panaitan, Seram, Sudarso Island, Sumatra, Sumbawa, Weh, West Timor, Western New Guinea), Malaysia (Sarawak, West Malaysia [incl. Seribuat Archipelago (incl. Tioman)]), Myanmar, Papua New Guinea (Eastern New Guinea), Philippines (Mindanao), Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam.