Reptiles of the
Great Inagua Bank [Bahamas]

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Bibliography of the reptiles of Great Inagua Bank Taxonomic history of the reptiles of Great Inagua Bank Introduced species
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Citation: Midtgaard, Rune. RepFocus - A Survey of the Reptiles of the World. (Compilation date: April 14th, 2023).

General remarks: The list includes only formally described species. Newly discovered, but still unnamed species are excluded. However, unnamed species or species unassigned to species level are included, if they are the only representatives of their genus in the region. Species counts exclude extinct and introduced species. Doubtful records, typically older voucher specimens of uncertain origin, have been excluded if considered questionable, as are records based on sources considered unreliable or controversial.
Note: Your comments to the checklist (omissions, errors, etc.) are welcomed, preferably if they are provided with reliable references. If possible, please attach a pdf file of the relevant reference to an email addressed to:
Crocodilians (Crocodylia)
= endemicEX = extinct or assumed extinct

 Family Crocodylidae (Crocodiles)
Genus Crocodylus (Typical Crocodiles)
Crocodylus sp.

(Unidentified crocodile)

Powell & Henderson (eds.) 2012

Lizards (Sauria)
= endemicEX = extinct or assumed extinct

 Family Anolidae (Anoles)
Genus Ctenonotus (Lesser Antillean Anoles)
Ctenonotus scriptus

Southern Bahamas Anole

Powell & Henderson (eds.) 2012
 Family Leiocephalidae (Curly-tailed Lizards)
Genus Leiocephalus (Curly-tailed Lizards)
Leiocephalus inaguae

Inagua Curlytail

Henderson & Powell 2009 Powell & Henderson (eds.) 2012 Schwartz & Henderson 1991
 Family Sphaerodactylidae (Least Geckos, etc.)
Genus Aristelliger (Croaking Geckos)
Aristelliger barbouri

Inagua Croaking Gecko

Powell & Henderson (eds.) 2012
Genus Sphaerodactylus (Least Geckos)
Sphaerodactylus inaguae

Inagua Least Gecko

Powell & Henderson (eds.) 2012
Sphaerodactylus notatus

Reef Gecko

Powell & Henderson (eds.) 2012
 Family Teiidae (Greater Tejus)
Genus Pholidoscelis (Caribbean Ameivas)
Pholidoscelis maynardi

Inagua Ameiva

Powell & Henderson (eds.) 2012

Snakes (Serpentes)
= endemicEX = extinct or assumed extinct

 Family Boidae (Typical Boas)
Genus Chilabothrus (Slender Boas)
Chilabothrus chrysogaster

Southern Bahamas Boa

Powell & Henderson (eds.) 2012
 Family Colubridae (Typical Snakes or Colubrids)
Genus Cubophis (Western Caribbean Racers)
Cubophis vudii

Bahamas Racer

Powell & Henderson (eds.) 2012
 Family Tropidophiidae (Dwarf Boas)
Genus Tropidophis (Typical Dwarf Boas)
Tropidophis canus

Southern Bahamas Dwarf Boa

Powell & Henderson (eds.) 2012
 Family Typhlopidae (Typical Blind Snakes)
Genus Cubatyphlops (Cuban Blind Snakes)
Cubatyphlops paradoxus

Inagua Blind Snake

Powell & Henderson (eds.) 2012

Turtles (Testudines)
= endemicEX = extinct or assumed extinct

 Family Emydidae (Western Pond Turtles)
Genus Trachemys (Slider Turtles)
Trachemys stejnegeri

Central Antillean Slider

Powell & Henderson (eds.) 2012 Rhodin, Iverson, Bour, Fritz, Georges, Shaffer & Dijk 2021 Schwartz & Henderson 1991