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© Rune Midtgaard

Taxonomy of the family Geoemydidae
Bibliography of the genus Heosemys
Biodiversity of the family Geoemydidae


Forest Turtles

Asiatische Erdschildkröten

Asiatiske Skovskildpadder

1902 Heosemys Stejneger (type species: Emys spinosa Gray 1831)
1916 Hieremys Smith (type species: Cyclemys annandalii Boulenger 1903; syn. Diesmos, Parham, Stuart & Brown 2005; Fritz & Havas 2006)

Contents: 4 species, none of which are endemic.
Endemism: 0% 100%
Remarks: Formerly included in the genus Geoemyda. The relationships of these two genera has been discussed by Lorenz (1984) and Moll, Groombridge & Vijaya (1987). Previously included Vijayachelys silvatica.
Distribution: SE. Asia, Malay Archipelago.
Reported from: Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia (Bangka, Batu Islands, Kalimantan, Natuna Islands, Sumatra), Laos, Malaysia (Sabah, Sarawak, West Malaysia [incl. Langkawi Archipelago]), Myanmar, Philippines (Sulu Islands [Siasi, Tawi-Tawi]), Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam.

Heosemys annandalii

Yellow-headed Temple Turtle


Gulhovedet Tempelskildpadde

1903 Cyclemys annandalii Boulenger
Hieremys annandalii Smith 1916
Heosemys annandalii Diesmos, Parham, Stuart & Brown 2005

Distribution: Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia (West Malaysia [incl. Langkawi Archipelago]), Thailand, Vietnam.

Heosemys annandalii
© Rune Midtgaard

Heosemys depressa

Arakan Forest Turtle

Flache Erdschildkröte


1875 Geoemyda depressa Anderson
Heosemys depressa Siebenrock 1909
1876 Geoemyda arakana Theobald (Fritz & Havas 2006)

Distribution: Bangladesh, Myanmar.

Heosemys grandis

Giant Asian Pond Turtle, Asian Giant Terrapin, (Yellow-headed Temple Terrapin, Orange-headed Temple Terrapin)


Asiatisk Kæmpesumpskildpadde

1860 Geoemyda grandis Gray
Clemmys grandis Strauch 1862
Heosemys grandis Siebenrock 1909

Remarks: The Myanmar population may represent a distinct species (Iverson & McCord 2006).
Distribution: Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia (West Malaysia), Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam.

Heosemys grandis
© Rune Midtgaard

Heosemys spinosa

Spiny Turtle, Spiny Hill Turtle, Spiny Terrapin, Sunburst Turtle


Pigskildpadde, Tornet Sumpskildpadde

1831 Emys spinosa Gray
Geoemyda spinosa Gray 1834
Clemmys spinosa Fitzinger 1835
Heosemys spinosa Stejneger 1902

Remarks: Possibly a species complex (Spinks, Thomson, Hughes, Moxley, Brown, Diesmos & Shaffer 2012). Reports from Mindanao (Philippines) (e.g., Das 1996) are erroneous (Diesmos, Brown, Alcala & Sison 2008).
Distribution: Brunei, Indonesia (Bangka, Batu Islands, Kalimantan, Natuna Islands, Sumatra), Malaysia (Sabah, Sarawak, West Malaysia), Myanmar, Philippines (Sulu Islands [Siasi, Tawi-Tawi]), Singapore, Thailand.