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Taxonomy of the family Anguidae
Bibliography of the genus Pseudopus
Biodiversity of the family Anguidae


Eurasian Glass Lizard

Scheltopusik, Panzerschleiche

Eurasisk Glasřgle, Scheltopusik

1820 Pseudopus Merrem (type species: Pseudopus serpentinus Merrem 1820)
Contents: 1 species, which is not endemic.
Endemism: 0% 100%
Remarks: Previously included in Ophisaurus (e.g., Wermuth 1969). Revalidated by Klembara (1981) and Macey, Schulte, Larson, Tuniyev, Orlov & Papenfuss (1999).
Distribution: As for the single species.

Pseudopus apodus

Eurasian Glass Lizard, European Glass Lizard, Scheltopusik, Glass Snake, Armoured Glass Lizard

Scheltopusik, Panzerschleiche

Scheltopusik, Eurasisk Glasřgle

1775 Lacerta apoda Pallas
Ophisaurus apodus Mertens & Wermuth 1960
Pseudopus apodus Klembara 1979
1789 Bipčde sheltopusik Bonnaterre (Wermuth 1969)
1789 Lacerta apus Gmelin [substitute name for Lacerta apoda Pallas 1775] (Boulenger 1885)
Ophisaurus apus Boulenger 1885
1802 Sheltopusik didactylus Sonnini & latreille [substitute name for Lacerta apus Gmelin 1789] (Wermuth 1969)
1811 Bipes pallasii Oppel [nomen nudum] (Wermuth 1969)
1820 Pseudopus serpentinus Merrem [substitute name for Lacerta apoda Pallas 1775] (Wermuth 1969)
1826 Pseudopus oppelii Fitzinger [nomen nudum] (Boulenger 1885)
1829 Pseudopus pallasii Cuvier [substitute name for Lacerta apoda Pallas 1775] (Wermuth 1969)
1832 Pseudopus fischeri Ménétričs (Böhme (ed.) 1981)
1914 Ophisaurus novorossicus Aleksejev (Wermuth 1969)
1978 Ophisaurus apodus thracius Obst
Pseudopus apodus thracius Klembara 1979 [by implication]
2021 Pseudopus apodus levantinus Jablonski, Ribeiro-Júnior, Meiri, Maza, Mikulícek & Jandzik in Jablonski, Ribeiro-Júnior, Meiri, Maza, Kukushkin, Chirikova, Pirosová, Jelic, Mikulícek & Jandzik

Other common names:
apodus: Caucasian Glass Lizard
levantinus: Levantine Glass Lizard
thracius: Thracian Glass Lizard
Introduced to: USA (New Jersey).
Remarks: Likely to occur in Romania, as reported by some authors (e.g., Obst 1981), but confirmation is still needed (Cogalniceanu, Rozylowicz, Székely, Samoila, Stanescu, Tudor, Székely & Iosif 2013).
Distribution: Afghanistan, Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Georgia, Greece (incl. Aegean Islands), Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Russia, Slovenia, Syria, Tajikistan, Turkey (incl. European Turkey), Turkmenistan, Ukraine (incl. Crimea), Uzbekistan.

Pseudopus apodus
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