Taxonomical update: August 12th, 2020
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Rune Midtgaard

The taxa (species or genera) below were described or revalidated since the deadline for the 1st edition of the RepFocus e-book (31st December, 2018). Most of the taxa are new to science, but some may be former synonyms revalidated to species (or genus) status, subspecies elevated to species status, or subgenera elevated to genus status. They have now been added to the taxonomic lists of this website, but not the regional checklists, the biodiversity pages, or the literature lists. As mentioned, most of the descriptions were published after 31st December, 2018, however, some may have been published earlier, but were omitted in the 1st edition.

Lizards (Sauria)

Family Agamidae
Acanthosaura prasina
Ctenophorus graafi
Ctenophorus infans
Ctenophorus slateri

Family Gekkonidae
Cyrtodactylus houaphanensis
Cyrtodactylus ngoiensis
Hemiphyllodactylus nahangensis
Lygodactylus mombasicus
Nactus durrellorum
Nactus soniae
Tenuidactylus microlepis

Family Gymnophthalmidae
Pholidobolus condor
Pholidobolus dolichoderes
Pholidobolus fascinatus
Pholidobolus samek

Family Scincidae
Androngo (synonymized with Pygomeles)
Grandidierina (revalidated)
Leiolopisma ceciliae
Sirenoscincus (synonymized with Voeltzkowia)

Snakes (Serpentes)

Family Colubridae
Chironius gouveai
Lycodon cathaya

Family Elapidae
Sinomicrurus nigriventer

Family Tropidophiidae
Tropidophis steinleini