New reptile species described in 1775
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Back to menu   Chronology of species descriptions of the reptiles of the world (since 1758)

Sauria (Lizards): Agamidae (Agamas and Dragons)

Uromastyx aegyptia

Egyptian Spiny-tailed Agama

1775 Lacerta aegyptia Forskål

Sauria (Lizards): Anguidae (Slowworms, etc.)

Pseudopus apodus

Eurasian Glass Lizard

1775 Lacerta apoda Pallas

Sauria (Lizards): Scincidae (Skinks)

Chalcides ocellatus

Mediterranean Ocellated Skink

1775 Lacerta ocellata Forskål

Serpentes (Snakes): Colubridae (Typical Snakes)

Telescopus dhara

Large-eyed Cat Snake

1775 Coluber dhara Forskål

Serpentes (Snakes): Lamprophiidae (House Snakes, etc.)

Psammophis schokari

Arabian Sand Snake*

1775 Coluber schokari Forskål

Testudines (Turtles): Trionychidae (Softshell Turtles)

Trionyx triunguis

African Softshell Turtle

1775 Testudo triunguis Forskål