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Taxonomy of the family Colubridae
Bibliography of the genus Oreocryptophis
Biodiversity of the family Colubridae


Red Mountain Rat Snake

Rote Bambusnatter

Rød Bjergrottesnog

2002 Oreophis Utiger, Helfenberger, Schätti, Schmidt, Ruf & Ziswiler (type species: Coluber porphyraceus Cantor 1839) [not Oreophis Dugès 1897 (Serpentes)]
2005 Oreocryptophis Utiger, Schätti & Helfenberger [substitute name for Oreophis Utiger, Helfenberger, Schätti, Schmidt, Ruf & Ziswiler 2002]
Contents: 1 species, which is not endemic.
Endemism: 0% 100%
Remarks: The single species of this genus was previously included in the genus Elaphe (e.g., Smith 1943, Schulz 1996). For unknown reasons, Zaher, Grazziotin, Cadle, Murphy, Moura-Leite & Bonatto (2009) listed both Oreophis and Oreocryptophis as valid genera, although the latter is a replacement name for the former.
Distribution: As for the single species.

Oreocryptophis porphyraceus

Red Mountain Rat Snake, Black-striped Trinket Snake, Black-banded Trinket Snake, Banded Trinket Snake, Red Mountain Racer, Red Bamboo Trinket Snake, Red Bamboo Snake

Rote Bambusnatter

Rød Bjergrottesnog

1839 Coluber porphyraceus Cantor
Ablabes porphyraceus Boulenger 1890
Elaphe porphyracea Van Denburg 1909
Oreophis porphyraceus Utiger, Helfenberger, Schätti, Schmidt, Ruf & Ziswiler 2002
Oreocryptophis porphyraceus Utiger, Schätti & Helfenberger 2005
Ortriophis porphyraceus [sic] Kästle, Rai & Schleich 2013 (generic assignment probably in error)
1839 Psammophis nigrofasciatus Cantor (Schulz, Helfenberger & Chettri 2010)
Coluber porphyraceus nigrofasciatus Rendahl 1937
Elaphe porphyracea nigrofasciata Pope 1935
1853 Coronella callicephalus Gray (Schulz & Helfenberger 1998)
Coluber callicephalus Günther 1858
1876 Simotes vaillanti Sauvage (Schulz & Helfenberger 1998; Teynié & David 2007)
Holarchus vaillanti Mell 1931
Elaphe porphyracea vaillanti Schulz & Helfenberger 1998
Oreocryptophis porphyraceus vaillanti Utiger, Schätti & Helfenberger 2005 [by implication]
Oreophis porphyraceus vaillanti Gumprecht 2003
1910 Liopeltis kawakamii Oshima (Schulz & Helfenberger 1998)
Elaphe porphyracea kawakamii Mell 1931 [1929]
1925 Elaphe porphyracea pulchra Schmidt
Coluber porphyraceus pulchra Werner 1929
1931 Elaphe porphyracea hainana Mell [1929] (nomen nudum, Schulz & Helfenberger 1998)
Coluber porphyraceus hainanus Rendahl 1937
Oreophis porphyraceus hainana Knietch 2005
1931 Elaphe porphyracea sikiangensis Mell [1929] (Zhao & Adler 1993)
1934 Elaphe porphyracea longilineata Bourret (Smith 1943)
1998 Elaphe porphyracea laticincta Schulz & Helfenberger
Oreocryptophis porphyraceus laticinctus Böhme 2010
1998 Elaphe porphyracea coxi Schulz & Helfenberger
Oreocryptophis porphyraceus coxi Utiger, Schätti & Helfenberger 2005 [by implication]

Other common names:
coxi: Thai Red Mountain Rat Snake, Thai Bamboo Rat Snake
hainanus: Hainan Red Mountain Rat Snake, Hainan Bamboo Rat Snake
kawakamii: Taiwan Red Mountain Rat Snake, Taiwan Bamboo Rat Snake
laticinctus: Broad-banded Red Mountain Rat Snake
porphyraceus: Common Red Mountain Rat Snake, Western Banded Trinket Snake
pulcher: Yunnan Red Mountain Rat Snake
vaillanti (ex-nigrofasciatus): Chinese Red Mountain Rat Snake, Chinese Bamboo Rat Snake
Remarks: The subspecies nigrofasciatus has now been restricted to a single individual (the type specimen), which allegedly came from Singapore. However, this was probably just the place from where the specimen was shipped, so its exact origin remains unclear. All other populations previously identified as nigrofasciatus are now referred to vaillanti (Schulz & Helfenberger 1998).
Distribution: Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, China (Anhui, Chongqing, Fujian, Gansu, Guangdong, Guangxi, Guizhou, Hainan, Henan, Hong Kong, Hunan, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Shaanxi, Sichuan, Tibet, Yunnan, Zhejiang), India (Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Sikkim, West Bengal), Indonesia (Sumatra), Laos, Malaysia (West Malaysia [incl. Seribuat Archipelago (incl. Tioman)]), Myanmar, Nepal, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam.